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Ayrshire 2nd XI Cup

Reserve competition for clubs in Ayrshire. In 1897 the trophy was reused for the Ayrshire Consolation Cup competition (1897-1903), and subsequently for the Ayrshire Qualifying Cup (1903-1927).

1887-88 Ayr
1888-89 Kilbirnie
1889-90 Kilmarnock
1890-91 Annbank
1891-92 Hurlford
1892-93 Kilmarnock
1893-94    not completed
1894-95 Ayr
1895-96 Lanemark
1896-97 Ayr Parkhouse



26 Nov Kilbirnie v Lanemark 1-4
10 Dec Ayr (Strollers) v Kilmarnock Winton 11-1
17 Dec Kilmarnock Thistle v Maybole Harriers 6-2
Stewarton v Annbank (Annbank protest sustained)
14 Jan Stewarton v Annbank 1-3
Carrick Harriers protest not sustained
Lanemark readmitted
14 Jan Irvine v Lanemark 4-2
Semi final
21 Jan Kilmarnock Thistle v Ayr (Strollers) 2-8
21 Jan Irvine v Kilmarnock (Rangers) 1-5
11 Feb Ayr (Strollers) v Kilmarnock (Rangers) 2-2 (at Castle Market Field)
10 Mar Ayr (Strollers) v Kilmarnock (Rangers) 4-0 (at Irvine)
First round
13 Oct Kilbirnie v Maybole 5-3
17 Nov Dalry v Ayr (Strollers) 1-2(protest-darkness)
1 Dec Ayr (Strollers) v Dalry 1-2
24 Nov Ayr Parkhouse v Ardrossan 2-1
Second round
24 Nov Kilbirnie v Kilmarnock 8-4 (protested)
1 Dec Kilbirnie v Kilmarnock 8-1 (protested?
26 Jan Kilbirnie v Kilmarnock (Rangers) wo-scr
22 Dec Dalry v Hurlford 3-3
Semi final
15 Dec Kilbirnie v Galston Athletic 10-0
2 Mar Dalry v Tarbolton 6-3
23 Mar Dalry v Kilbirnie 2-2 (at Beith)
Kilbirnie v Beith W-L
2 Nov Kilmarnock Athletic v Springside4-3
2 Nov Galston v Newmilns 0-7
2 Nov Kilmarnock v Ayr 4-2
2 Nov Dalry v Ayr 2-3
9 Nov Mauchline v Stevenston Thistle 5-1
Second round
23 Nov Annbank v Kilbirnie 5-3
30 Nov Newmilns v Kilmarnock Athletic 4-2 (protested replay)
14 Dec Ayr Parkhouse v Irvine 1-3
Fourth round
11 Jan Kilmarnock (Strollers) v Benquhat 7-2
Semi final
8 Feb Kilmarnock v Annbank (Strollers) 4-4
First round (20 Sep)
Kilmarrnock Athletic v Skares Thistle
Saltcoats Victoria v Dalry
Hurlford v Ayr Parkhouse
Irvine v Kilbirnie
20 Sep Beith v Kilmarnock 3-4
Ayr Athletic v Newmilns
Common Rangers v Cronberry Eglinton
Galston v Mauchline
Lanemark v Annbank
Ayr v Stevenston Thistle
Maybole bye
Second round
18 Oct Ayr v Dalry 8-1
18 Oct Rosebank v Kilbirnie 5-0
8 Nov Ayr v Cronberry Eglinton 2-2
8 Nov Beith Thistle v Annbank 4-4
8 Nov Beith v Ayr Parkhouse 4-2
7 Feb) Glenbuck Athletic v Annbank L-W (at Ayr)
First round
19 Sep Saltcoats Victoria v Stevenston Thistle 5-2
19 Sep Kilmarnock v Ayr Athletic 3-1
19 Sep Dalry v Kilmarnock Athletic 2-5 (stopped after crowd invasion)
Second round
Hurlford v Galston
21 Nov Kilmarnock v Kilmarnock Athletic 6-0
Kilbirnie v Beith
Semi final
Hur or Gal v Kil or Kil Ath
28 Nov Kilbirnie v Annbank 11-3
30 Jan Hurlford v Kilbirnie 3-0 (at Rugby Park)
First round (17 Sep)
Mauchline v Irvine
Ayr v Maybole (Athletic)
Hurlford v Stevenston Thistle
Lanemark v Kilmarnock Athletic
Kilmarnock v Kilwinning Monkcastle
Dalry v Saltcoats Victoria
Annbank v Cronberry Eglinton
Galston v Newmilns
Beith v Sprinbank
Kilbirnie v Ayr Parkhouse
Second round
19 Nov Beith v Saltcoats Victoria 3-0
Semi final
3 Dec Kilmarnock v Kilmarnock Athletic 3-1
11 Feb Kilmarnock v Hurlford 4-1 (at Holm Quarry)
16 Sep Kilbirnie v Irvine 9-0
7 Oct Largs Thistle (Strollers) v Dreghorn 1-2
Kilmarnock v Hurlford (protest by Kilmarnock upheld)
11 Nov Stevenston Thistle v Dalry 3-2
Third round
11 Nov Girvan v Annbank 0-5
Competition incomplete
19 Oct Lugar Boswell v Hurlford 1-2
9 Nov Lanemark v Annban 3-1
18 Jan Lanemark v Ayr 0-0
Lanemark v Ayr W-L
17 Oct Ayr v Hurlford 4-1
13 Feb Ayr Parkhouse v Lanemark 1-0 (at Ayr)