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Ayrshire Consolation Cup

Competition for those clubs knocked out at the early stages of the Ayrshire Cup. This competition reused the trophy awarded to the winners of the defunct Ayrshire 2nd XI Cup and again revamped as the Ayrshire Qualifying Cup in 1903.

1897-98 Ayr Parkhouse
1898-99 Annbank
1899-00 Annbank
1900-01 Kilwinning Eglinton
1901-02 Kilwinning Eglinton
1902-03 Beith



First round
11 Dec Kilmarnock Athletic v Beith 4-2
11 Dec Kilwinning Monkcastle v Girvan 10-2
30 Oct Irvine v Maybole 5-5
18 Dec Maybole v Irvine 10-0

Second round
25 Dec Stevenston Thistle v Maybole 6-2
22 Jan Kilmarnock Athletic v Lanemark 4-2
29 Jan Kilwinning Monkcastle v Hurlford 1-1 
         Hurlford v Monkcastle

Third round
29 Jan Ayr Parkhouse v Lugar Boswell 4-0
29 Jan Stevenston Thistle v Kilmarnock Athletic 3-2 protest
         Kilmarnock Athletic v Stevenston Thistle 3-1
         Hurlford v Kilwinning Eglinton

Semi-final - 2 legs
19 Mar Kilmarnock Athletic v Ayr Parkhouse 2-1
9 Apr Kilmarnock Athletic v Ayr Parkhouse 
        Annbank v Kilwinning Eglinton 
        Kilwinning Eglinton v Annbank 
9 Apr Annbank v Kilwinning Eglinton 7-1 at Kilmarnock

Final at Somerset Park, Ayr
16 Apr Ayr Parkhouse v Annbank 3-1


First round

Second round
11 Mar Kilwinning Eglinton v Kilwinning Monkcastle 1-0 protested
1 Apr Kilwinning Eglinton v Kilwinning Monkcastle 4-2
18 Mar Stevenston Thistle v Maybole 0-3

8 Apr Lanemark v Kilwinning Eglinton
15 Apr Kilwinning Eglinton v Lanemark 2-0
8 Apr Maybole v Annbank 1-3

Kilwinning Eglinton v Annbank W-L

First round
13 Jan Beith v Kilwinning Monkcastle 9-1
Stevenston Thistle v Irvine
6 Jan  Kilwinning Eglinton v Maybole 2-2
Lanemark v Lugar Boswell
Ayr v Girvan

Second round
Annbank v Kilwinning Eglinton or Maybole
17 Mar Stevenston Thistle v Beith 2-0
Lanemark or Lugar Boswell v Ayr or Girvan
Galston bye

14 Apr Stevenston Thisle v Annbank 1-1
         Annbank v Stevenston Thisle
Galston v Lanemark or Lugar Boswell or Ayr or Girvan

Final at Rugby Park, Kilmarnock
28 Apr Galston v Annbank 0-3 

First round
Lugar Boswell v Maybole
Girvan v Hurlford
16 Feb Kilmarnock v Beith 3-2
Annbank, Lanemark, Galston byes

Second round
Lanemark v Kilmarnock
Ayr Parkhouse v Kilwinning Eglinton
Hurlford v Galston
Maybole v Annbank

Semi final- 2 legs
30 Mar Maybole v Galston 4-1
6 Apr Kilwinning Eglinton v Kilmarnock 2-0
13 Apr Kilwinning Eglinton v Kilmarnock 2-0

Final at Ayr
27 Apr Kilwinning Eglinton v Maybole 1-0

First round
15 Mar Kilwinning Eglinton v Annbank 4-1
29 Mar Stevenston Thistle v Beith 1-6

8 May Beith v Galston 1-0 replay at Kilwinning

Beith v Kilwinning Eglinton L-W

7 Feb Ayr Parkhouse v Kilwinning Eglinton 5-1
28 Mar Maybole v Ayr Parkhouse 2-3

Final at Rugby Park, Kilmarnock
27 Feb 1904  Beith v Ayr Parkhouse 3-0