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Border Junior League

Starting as the second division of the Border Senior League in 1908, the competition became independent in 1912. In 1922 there was a re-organisation of junior football in the south-east of Scotland and all the county leagues were incorporated into the East of Scotland Junior FA, the Border clubs competing in the southern division of the East of Scotland Junior League. In 1926 this division was dropped and the Border Junior League was re-formed, eventually disbanding in 1929.

Winners                                                              runners-up

1908-09 Vale of Leithen A

1909-10 Gala Fairydean A

1910-11 Peebles Athletic

1910-11 to 1911-12 No competition

1912-13 Peebles Strollers XI                      Gala Athletic
1913-14 Gala Athletic                                   Melrose Invicta
1914-15 Melrose Invicta                              Ayton United
1915-1919    No Competition           
1919-20 Melrose Elder Park                        Gala Red Triangle
1920-21 Newton St Boswell                        Hawick Invicta
1921-22 St Abbs Thistle                                Gala Thorn
1922-23  to 1925-26   No Competition           
1926-27 Chirnside Athletic                         Newton St Boswell
1927-28 Hearts of Liddlesdale                  Duns Junior XI
1928-29 Gala Halles Villa                            Duns Junior XI