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Burns Charity Cup

In 1884, the Dundee Burns Club received a trophy for a charity competition between the leading city clubs at the end of the season. It had an engraving of Robert Burns that was a copy of the statue in front of the Albert Institute in Dundee. This was surrounded by a wreath of thistles with a football. The reverse showed a floral border enclosing goal posts with the image of a goalkeeper and a ball. This side of the trophy was entitled 'The Dundee Burns’ Club Charity Cup'
It was made by Messers Mappin & Webb of London. The Forfarshire FA was given the responsibility of running the competition by the Burns Club.
In 1892, the formation of the Dundee Charity FA which took over responsibility from the county FA, saw a new trophy in the shape of a shield being awarded and a 'new' competition, the Dundee Charity Cup. The Burns Cup trophy was then mothballed before being awarded to the juniors for their charity competition.
1883-84 Dundee Harp
1884-85 Dundee Harp
1885-86 Dundee Harp
1886-87 Dundee Wanderers
1887-88 Dundee Wanderers
1888-89    withheld
1889-90 East End
1890-91 Our Boys
1891-92 East End
First Round
2 Feb Dundee Harp 5-1 East End (2000)
Semi Final
5 Apr Dundee Harp 3-2 Our Boys (7000 – a then city record)
12 Apr Strathmore 1-3 West End
Final at Strathmore Athletic Grounds (Rollo's Pier)
27 Apr Dundee Harp 7-0 West End
Semi Final
21 Mar West End v East End 1-1
11 Apr East End v West End 3-2
4 Apr Dundee Strathmore v Dundee Harp 1-4 (8000)
Final at East Dock Street
25 Apr Dundee Harp v East End 6-0                         
First Round
27 Feb Our Boys 2-7 Dundee Harp (6000)
Semi Final
27 Mar Dundee Harp 9-1 East End (at East Dock Street)
13 Mar Wanderers 3-4 Strathmore (at Rollo’s Pier att 4000)
Final (at Rollo’s Pier, 5000)
10 Apr Dundee Harp 5-1 Strathmore
First Round
19 Mar East End 2-1 Lochee
Semi final
26 Mar Our Boys 1-1 Dundee Harp (at West Craigie Park, 6000)
2 Apr Dundee Harp 4-0 Our Boys (at East Dock Street, 5000)
9 Apr Dundee Wanderers 9-1 East End (at Morgan Park, 4000)
Final (at West Craigie, 8,000-10,000)
23 Apr Dundee Wanderers 4-1 Dundee Harp
First round
3 Mar Dundee Strathmore v East End 3-3 (at Rollo’s Peir, 3000)
10 Mar East End v Dundee Strathmore 5-2 (at Pitkerro Park)
17 Mar Wanderers 4-3 Dundee Harp (at Morgan Park, friendly played on account of the weather)
31 Mar Wanderers 5-1 Dundee Harp (at Morgan Park)
Semi Final
14 APr Our Boys 5-2 Lochee at West Craigie
28 Apr East End 1-8 Dundee Wanderers at Pitkerro Park
Final at East Dock Street; 4,000 12th May 1888
Dundee Wanderers 4-2 Our Boys
First round
23 Mar Our Boys 3-1 Dundee Harp at East Dock Steet, 4000 (Harp protest was upheld and Our Boys disqualified for using an ineligible player, Duncan)
6 Apr East End 4-4 Strathmore at Pitkerro Park, 3000
13 Apr Strathmore 6-4 East End at Rollo’s Pier att 3000 – East End protest possibly not upheld)
Semi Final
25 Apr Dundee Wanderers 5-3 Lochee at Morgan Park
1 May Dundee Harp 4-7 Strathmore at Rollo’s Pier
Final at West Craigie Park, 4,000, 11 May 1889
Dundee Harp 2-2 Dundee Wanderers
(Teams refused to replay as the charity committee refused to give each team a third of the gate. Later a meeting was held to say that this would be the practice in future and also that players no longer needed to reside in county for 6 weeks before being eligible to play)
Dundee Wanderers beat Harp 3-0 in a match at East Dock Street (att 3000) on 18 May. It appears both clubs listed this as the replay, however it wasn’t mentioned in the official Burns Club accounts and is probably not regarded as official.
First  round
22 Mar Dundee Wanderers 6-2 Lochee at East Dock Street
5 Apr East End 4-0 Harp at East Dock Street
Semi Final
23 Apr East End v Dundee Wanderers 
30 Apr Dundee Strathmore 3-0 Our Boys at East Dock Street
Final at East Dock Street, 10 May 1890
East End 9-1 Strathmore
First round
4 Apr Harp 6-1 Lochee United at East Dock Street
18 Apr Our Boys 11-1 Strathmore at East Dock Street 
Semi final
29 Apr Johnstone Wanderers 5-1 East End at East Dock Street
6 May Harp 1-2 Our Boys at East Dock Street
Final at East Dock Street; 5,000; 16 May 1891
Our Boys 3-3 Johnstone Wanderers 
Replay; 23 May 1891- East Dock Street, 6000
Our Boys 5-3 Johnstone Wanderers 
1891-92  (Participants possibly limited due to Northern League commitments)
Semi final
21 May East End 3-2 Johnstone Wanderers at East Dock Street
28 May Dundee Harp 0-4 Our Boys at East Dock Street 
4 Jun East End 3-2 Our Boys  at East Dock Street