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Carry Cup

This was the trophy awarded to the winners of the Forfarshire County League which existed from 1897 to 1901 and 1907 to 1911. Between 1901 and 1907 the competition was run on a knock-out basis. It has also been spelled Carrie.


1897-98 Forfar Athletic
1898-99 Arbroath / Forfar Athletic shared
1899-00 Arbroath
1900-01 Dundee ‘A’
1901-02 Dundee 'A'
1902-03 unfinished
1903-04 Forfar Athletic
1904-05 Dundee ‘A’
1905-06 unfinished
1906-07 unfinished
1907-1909 no competition
1909-10 Dundee Hibernian
1910-11 Montrose



These are the results of the knock-out version of the competition



The competition started as a league but when Arbroath intimated that they could not complete their fixtures it was decided to run it on a knock-out format. Arbroath were happy about this and entered the revised competition. Only a few ties were played in the league stage...

3 Nov Arbroath v Dundee ‘A’ 0-1

24 Nov Arbroath v Dundee Wanderers 4-2

1 Dec Arbroath v Lochee United 8-0

7 Dec Montrose v Dundee ‘A’ 2-2

4 Jan Forfar Athletic v Dundee ‘A’ 2-6


The new competition was drawn on 11 January 1902.

First round

1 Mar Lochee United v Arbroath 1-3

12 Apr Forfar Athletic v Dundee Wanderers 1-0


Semi final

18 Apr Arbroath v Dundee ‘A’ 1-2

3 May Montrose v Forfar Athletic 3-2



10 May Dundee ‘A’ v Montrose 3-1




First round

28 Mar Dundee Wanderers v Arbroath 2-1

15 Apr Dundee ‘A’ v Lochee United 0-0

4 May Dundee v Lochee United 2-0


Semi final

Forfar Athletic v Dundee NOT PLAYED

Dundee Wanderers v Montrose NOT PLAYED Montrose complained that the game would mean that they travelled to Dundee twice in a week and they asked if game could be transferred to Links Park, Montrose but Dundee Wanderers refused






Again the competition was organized as a league but this decision was reversed on 9 April and a knock-out tornament organized instead.


League matches

28 Nov Montrose v Dundee ‘A’ 3-0

23 Jan Montrose v Dundee Wanderers 1-1

20 Feb Montrose v Forfar Athletic 4-3

26 Mar Forfar Athletic v Dundee ‘A’ 2-1


Semi final

16 Apr Forfar Athletic v Lochee United 4-0

4 May Dundee ‘A v Dundee Wanderers 2-0



11 May Dundee v Forfar Athletic 2-4 (at Dens)





Arbroath declined to enter as they had no free dates)

1st round – 2 legs

14 Jan Montrose v Dundee ‘A’ 1-1

26 Apr Dundee v Montrose 2-0


Semi final

8 Apr Forfar Athletic v Lochee United 2-1

Dundee ‘A’ v Dundee Wanderers wo-scr


Final at Dens Park

14 Aug 1905 Dundee’A’ v Forfar Athletic 6-2




First round – 2 leg

9 Dec Forfar Athletic v Dundee Wanderers 3-1

24 Apr Dundee Wanderers v Forfar Athletic 1-1 (also counted as a Northern League game)

16 Dec Montrose v Lochee United 2-1

24 Feb Lochee United v Montrose 3-1 (at Dundee)


Semi final – 2 legs

10 Mar Lochee United v Dundee ‘A’ 0-2 (second leg not played after Lochee unsuccessfully protested)

28 Apr Arbroath v Forfar Athletic 3-2

12 May Forfar Athletic v Arbroath 0-1


Final – 2 legs

15 Aug 1906 Arbroath v Dundee ‘A’ 0-0

22 Aug 1906 Dundee ‘A’ v Arbroath 2-2 declared a friendly of two halves of 35 mins

Second leg wasn’t re-played so the Cup was withheld




Semi final

27 Apr Lochee United v Dundee ‘A’ 0-2


No other games were played and the competition was unfinished