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Central League Cup

Organized by the post-Great War Central League, there were two competitions played, but only one was completed. The Central League disbanded on the formation of the Scottish League's Second Division in 1921.

First round
20 Dec East Stirlingshire v Dunfermline Athletic 1-0
10 Jan Broxburn United v Heart of Midlothian ‘A’ 2-3
10 Jan Bathgate v St Bernards5-3
10 Jan Armadale v Bo’ness 1-1
17 Jan Bo’ness v Armadale 2-0
1 Jan King’s Park v Stenhousemuir 0-2
14 Feb Clackmannan v Alloa 1-2
Falkirk ‘A’, East Fife byes

Second Round
28 Feb Bathgate v Stenhousemuir 0-0
6 Mar Stenhousemuir v Bathgate 2-1
28 Feb Alloa v Bo’ness 0-0
6 Mar Bo’ness v Alloa 2-3
6 Mar Falkirk ‘A’ v Heart of Midlothian ‘A’ 0-2
East Stirlingshire v East Fife

27 Mar Heart of Midlothian ‘A’ v East Stirlingshire 2-0
3 Apr Alloa v Stenhousemuir 0-0
Stenhousemuir v Alloa 1-0

at East End Park, Dunfermline
17 Apr Heart of Midlothian ‘A’ v Stenhousemuir 3-0

Hearts- Black, Crichton, Frew; Balloch, Ramage, Ross; Forrest, Gordon, Forbes, Smellie and Low
Stenhousemuir- McLaren, Laing, Reid; Hodge, Comrie, L.McIntyre;
Bell, J.McIntyre, Cameron, Chalmers and Shearer.
Referee- A Jackson (Glasgow)

Competition unfinished
First round
Falkirk ‘A’ v Heart of Midlothian ‘A’
Bo’ness v Stenhousemuir
26 Mar St Bernards v Bathgate 1-1
8 Apr Armadale v East Stirlingshire 1-0
Broxburn United bye
10 Mar East Fife v Lochgelly United 3-0 (2000)
9 Apr Cowdenbeath v St Johnstone 2-1
Dundee Hibernian v Alloa Athletic
16 Apr Clackmannan v King’s Park 0-2 (1000)
Dunfermline Athletic bye

Second round
23 Apr King’s Park v Dunfermline Athletic 1-0
2 May East Stirlingshire v Bathgate 1-2 (replay)
6 May Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 2-1