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Clackmannanshire Charity Cup

In 1887, the Sauchie Colliery Band organized a successful charity badge competition.  Spurred by this, clubs in the county formed the Clackmannanshire Charity FA to run a Charity Cup. Local clubs and businesses plus JB Balfour, MP all contributed to the purchase of the trophy. Fifteen clubs entered the first contest and twelve played in the second. Soon though the numbers dropped, and by third tournament in 1890, only four teams were entering. By 1896, their were only two senior clubs left. When Clackmannan couldn’t agree on a venue or date for the ‘final’, Alloa Athletic were awarded the trophy. As there had never been a Clackmannanshire FA, the charity cup could be seen as the county championship, similar to other county cups such as the Ayrshire Cup or Renfrewshire Cup. 



In 1901, the trophy was given to the Clackmannanshire Junior FA and was awarded to the winners of the Clackmannanshire Junior Cup.



1887-88 Alloa Athletic
1888-89 Alloa Athletic
1889-90 Alloa Athletic
1890-91 Clackmannan
1891-92 Clackmannan
1892-93 Alva
1893-94 Clackmannan
1894-95 Alloa Athletic
1895-96 Alloa Athletic






First round

11 Feb Alloa Athletic v Menstrie Athletic 11-0

11 Feb Alva v Clackmannan 3-2 (protested)

25 Feb Alva v Clackmannan 1-2 (at Gaberston Park, Alloa)

3 Mar Alva v Clackmannan 1-0 (at Bellevue Park)

11 Feb Alva Athletic v Alloa Grange 5-0

11 Feb Vale of Forth v Alloa Hibernian 4-2 (protested)

25 Feb Vale of Forth v Alloa Hibernian 4-0 (at Deer Park, Sauchie)

4 Feb Tillicoutry v Coalsnaughton (Longrigg) Swifts 16-0

11 Feb Coalsnaughton Hawthorn v Tullibody Thistle 2-0

11 Feb Sauchie Volunteers v Alloa Pottery 9-1

Alloa United bye


Second round

10 Mar Alloa Athletic v Alloa United 6-1

10 Mar Alva v Tillicoutry 3-0

           Coalsnaughton Hawthorn v Alva Athletic

3 Mar Sauchie Volunteers v Vale of Forth 1-3 (at Deer Park, stopped due to alleged unfairness, Vale of Forth were awarded the tie)


Semi final

7 Apr Alva Athletic v Alloa Athletic 0-6 (at Craigleith Pk, Alva 1000)

14 Apr Vale of Forth v Alva 1-2 (at Bellvue Pk, Alloa)


Final at Bellevue Park, Alloa

5 May Alloa Athletic v Alva 6-1




First round

22 Dec Tillicoutry v Coalsnaughton Athletic 7-0

22 Dec Tillicoutry Rangers v Alloa Star 3-5

22 Dec Alloa Grasshoppers v Alloa Grange 6-1

22 Dec Tullibody v Sauchie Voluntees 2-6

22 Dec Ochil Rangers v Alloa Star 3-5

22 Dec Alva Athletic v Alloa Hibernian 12-0

22 Dec Sauchie Swifts v Tillicoutry Athletic 2-3


Second round

12 Jan Sauchie Volunteers v Alloa Star 6-2

12 Jan Alloa United v Alloa Grasshoppers 9-0

19 Jan Tillicoutry v Alloa Athletic 0-2

19 Jan Alva v Clackmannan 3-1 protest

Alva v Clackmannan scr-wo

Alva Athletic v Tillicoutry Athletic


Third round

9 Feb Alloa United v Alloa Athletic 5-0

Rest byes



9 Mar Tillicoutry Athletic v Alloa Athletic 0-2

9 Mar Clackmannan v Sauchie Volunteers 4-0 (at Bellvue Park, Alloa)


Final  at Bellevue Park,   Alloa

Alloa Athletic v Clackmannan   wo-scr

Clackmannan   refused to play on the grounds that the final wasn’t being played on a neutral ground – Bellevue Park was   Alloa   Athletic’s   ground at the time.




Semi final

8 Mar Tillicoutry v Clackmannan 1-6 (at Alva)

15 Mar Alloa Athletic v Alva 6-5 (at Clackmannan 2000)



29 Mar Alloa Athletic v Clackmannan 2-1 (at Craigleith Park, Alva 2000)





28 Mar Alloa Athletic v Tillicoutry 1-0 Protest – one of the officials was drunk

18 Apr Alloa Athletic v Tillicoutry 2-1 (at Chapelhill Park, Clackmannan)

14 Mar Clackmannan   v Alva 2-0 (at Bellvue Park, Alloa 3000)


Final  at Ochilview Park, Tillicoutry

2 May Clackmannan v Alloa Athletic 5-1




Semi final

2 Apr Alloa Athletic v Alva 0-2 (at Clackmannan 1800, protested)

16 Apr Alva v Alloa Athletic 8-2 (at Ochilview Pk, Tillicoutry)

12 Mar Clackmannan v Tillicoutry 2-0


Final  at Bellevue Park, Alloa

7 May Clackmannan v Alva 4-1




Semi final

13 May Alloa Athletic v Clackmannan 1-1 (at Glebe Park, Alva)

20 May Alloa Athletic v Clackmannan 2-1 (at Glebe Park, Alva)

8 Apr Alva v Tillicoutry 7-1 (at Bellevue Park, Alloa)


Final at Recreation Park, Alloa

Alva v Alloa Athletic 5-0




First round

31 Mar Alloa Athletic v Clackmannan 1-5 (at Alva)

The winners went into the final, losers to the the semi-final


Semi final

28 Apr Alva v Alloa Athletic 3-5 (at Chapelhill Park, Clackmannan)



12 May Clackmannan v Alloa Athletic 2-0 (at Glebe Park, Alva)




First round

23 Mar Alloa Athletic v Alva 2-0 (at Clackmannan)

The winners went into the final, losers to the the semi-final


Semi final

1 Jun Clackmannan v Alva 0-2



15 Jun Alloa Athletic v Alva 0-2 (at Chapelhill Park, Clackmannan)





Alloa Athletic v Clackmannan

When Clackmannan couldn’t agree to a date or venue, Alloa were awarded the trophy