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Clackmannanshire Junior Charity Cup

The Clackmannashire Charity FA was formed in 1887 and organized a Charity Cup tournament for the county’s Senior clubs. In 1890 a Junior competition was also set up, and both contests ran until the CCFA disbanded in 1896. To take its place, Alva Albion Rovers helped set up the Clackmannanshire Junior FA, which went on to run the game in the county until 1913.
The first competition in 1890 featured ten Junior clubs plus the reserve sides of of the county’s four remaining Senior clubs - Alloa Athletic, Alva, Clackmannan and Tillicoutry.
1890-91 Alva 2nd  XI
1891-92 Alloa Hibernian
1892-93 Alloa Athletic 2nd XI
1893-94 Sauchie
1894-95 Alloa Athletic 2nd XI
1895-96 Tillicoutry Victoria
1896-97    not played
1897-98 Alva Albion Rangers
1898-99 Alva Albion Rangers
1899-00 Seafield Thistle
1900-01 Alva Albion Rangers
1901-02 Alva Albion Rangers
1902-03 Tillicoutry Rovers
1903-04 Clackmannan Juniors
1904-05 Clackmannan Juniors
1905-06 Alva Albion Rangers
1906-07 Alva Albion Rangers
1907-08 Sauchie
1908-09 Sauchie
1909-10 Sauchie
1910-11 Sauchie