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Dundee and District Junior League

League tables 1894-1969 can be seen HERE.

Founded by ten clubs on 14 August 1894, the Dundee Junior League lasted until the re-oranisation of junior football in the late 1960s saw it replaced by the Midland, later Tayside, Region of the Scottish JFA.

The initial season saw the league reduce in size to seven clubs when Everton, Dundee Hibernian and Logie dropped out during the early part of the competition.

The league was unoffically linked to the Inter County Junior League and City and District Junior League which supplied it with clubs as needed. In 1922 the latter was officially incorporated as the Second Division. In 1925 the two divisions were combined as a single division when there was a defection of clubs to form the Midland Counties Junior League. On that league's breakup the two division structure was resumed in 1926 but this lasted one season before the single section was again introduced. This set-up was thereafter used until the league was wound up in 1969.



1895-96 Dundee North End

1896-97 Dundee Violet

1897-98 Stobswell

1898-99 Dundee Violet

1899-00 Dundee Violet

1900-01 Stobswell

1901-02 Broughty Ferry Ardenlea

1902-03 Stobswell

1903-04 Fairfield

1904-05 Lochee Harp

1905-06 Dundee North End

1906-07 Lochee Harp

1907-08 Dundee Violet

1908-09 Dundee North End

1909-10 Dundee Violet

1910-11 Lochee Harp

1911-12 Fairfield

1912-13 Fairfield

1913-14 Dundee Violet

1914-15 Dundee North End

1915-16 Dundee Violet

1916-17 to 1918-19 no competition

1919-20 Forthill Athletic

1920-21 Fairfield

1921-22 Osborne

1922-23 Lochee Harp

1923-24 Lochee Harp

1924-25 Lochee Central

1925-26 Logie

1926-27 Lochee Harp

1927-28 Dundee Violet

1928-29 Lochee Harp

1929-30 Lochee Harp

1930-31 Lochee Harp

1931-32 Lochee harp

1932-33 Stobswell

1933-34 Dundee St Joseph’s

1934-35 Lochee Harp

1935-36 Lochee Harp

1936-37 Dundee Violet

1937-38 Lochee Harp

1938-39 Arnot

1939-40 to 1946-47 no competition

1947-48 Stobswell

1948-49 Lochee Harp

1949-50 Lochee Harp

1950-51 Carnoustie Panmure

1951-52 Carnoustie Panmure

1952-53 Carnoustie Panmure

1953-54 Lochee Harp

1954-55 Lochee Harp

1955-56 Carnoustie Panmure

1956-57 Dundee North End

1957-58 Carnoustie Panmure

1958-59 Lochee Harp

1959-60 Dundee North End

1960-61 Lochee Harp

1961-62 Dundee St Joseph’s

1962-63 Lochee Harp

1963-64 Downfield

1964-65 Carnoustie Panmure

1965-66 Carnoustie Panmure

1966-67 Downfield

1967-68 Dundee Violet

1968-69 Lochee United


Second Division winners

1922-23 Lochee Central

1923-24 Logie

1924-25 Downfield

1925-26 no competition

1926-27 Dundee St Joseph’s