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Dumbartonshire Cup

At the first AGM of the Dumbartonshire FA in May 1884, the fifteen member clubs agreed to introduce an annual competition for a cup. To prevent clubs from drafting in players, it was decided to adopt the Scottish FA’s rule of players having to be registered by 1 August. As the county was home to three of the strongest clubs in the world at the time - Dumbarton, Renton and Vale of Leven - the Dumbartonshire FA Cup was ranked second only to the Scottish FA Cup in importance.

With around 16 to 19 participants each year, Renton demanded in 1888 that a Qualifying Round be introduced to reduce the number of, what they referred to as meaningless matches. When this was refused they withdrew from the competition and only returned in 1894. A ‘qualifying’ round as such was introduced from the 1891-92 edition however. Eleven clubs battled through to the Semi Final stage where they met Dumbarton and Vale of Leven who had been granted byes to this point.

At the end of the 19th Century, the competition adopted a league format with the top two playing off in a final. Between 1902 and 1904, the trophy was awarded to the winners of the Dumbarton & District League.

The competition continued to be played for right up to the Second World War. However the demise of Vale of Leven, Clydebank and Helensburgh in the 1920s and 1930s left Dumbarton as being the only senior club left in the county. During the 1930s only two clubs would compete in the competition, therefore the ‘final’ would actually be the only tie played. The Dumbartonshire FA was subsequently disbanded in 1938 and Dumbarton joined the Stirlingshire FA, where they have been regular winners of the Stirlingshire FA Cup.


For a full record of results, click HERE.



1884-85 Dumbarton
1885-86 Vale of Leven
1886-87 Renton
1887-88 Vale of Leven
1888-89 Dumbarton
1889-90 Dumbarton
1890-91 Dumbarton
1891-92 Dumbarton
1892-93 Dumbarton
1893-94 Dumbarton
1894-95 Dumbarton
1895-96 Renton
1896-97 Vale of Leven
1897-98 Dumbarton
1898-99 Dumbarton
1899-00 Vale of Leven
1900-01 Vale of Leven
1901-02 Vale of Leven
1902-03   no competition
1903-04   no competition
1904-05 Vale of Leven
1905-06 Vale of Leven
1906-07 Vale of Leven
1907-08 Renton
1908-09 Renton
1909-10 Dumbarton Harp
1910-11 Vale of Leven
1911-12 Dumbarton Harp
1912-13 Dumbarton Harp
1913-14 Renton
1914-15 Dumbarton
1915-16 Clydebank
1916-17 Clydebank
1917-18 Clydebank
1918-19 Clydebank
1919-20 Clydebank
1920-21 Vale of Leven
1921-22 Dumbarton
1922-23 Dumbarton
1923-24 Clydebank
1924-25 Helensburgh
1925-26 Helensburgh
1926-27 Helensburgh
1927-28 Clydebank
1928-29 Clydebank
1929-30 Dumbarton
1930-31 Dumbarton
1931-32 Dumbarton
1932-33 Dumbarton
1933-34 Vale Ocoba
1934-35 Vale Ocoba
1935-36 Dumbarton
1936-37 Dumbarton
1937-38   no competition
1938-39   no competition
1939-40 Dumbarton