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Edinburgh Exhibition Contest

in 1890, a series of nine games was arranged to coincide with the 112th International Exhibition held at Meggatland in Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Evening Dispatch newspaper awarded silver cups for the winners of each match.

6 Aug Heart of Midlothian v Hibernian 2-0 (at Recreation Ground 15000) (1st game in series)
13 Aug St Bernards v Leith Athletic 1-3  (at Recreation Ground 7500) (2nd game in series)
20 Aug Dumbarton v Leith Athletic 3-1 (at Recreation Ground 6000) (3rd game in series)
27 Aug Queen’s Park v Hibernian 9-0 (at Recreation Ground 10000) (4th game in series)
30 Aug Third Lanark v Our Boys 2-1 (at Recreation Ground 4000) (5th game in series)
15 Sep Heart of Midlothian v Nottingham Forest 1-0 (at Recreation Ground 10000) (6th game in series)
MATCH 7 ??
18 Sep Kilmarnock v Wishaw Thistle 8-1 (at Recreation Ground 300) (8th? game in series)
2 Oct Rangers v Sunderland Albion 3-0 (at Recreation Ground 300) (9th? game in series)