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Forfarshire 2nd XI Cup

Reserve competition for clubs in Forfarshire. The Forfarshire 2nd XI FA was founded in Dundee on 20 September 1883, Thomas L Kay of the Dundee club Strathmore presiding.




1883-84 Dundee Harp 2ndXI

1884-85 Dundee Harp 2ndXI

1885-86 Strathmore (Athletic)

1886-87 Our Boys (Rangers)

1887-88 Our Boys (Rangers)

1888-89 Wanderers 2ndXI

1889-90 Our Boys (Rangers)

1890-91 Arbroath 2ndXI

1891-92 Our Boys (Rangers)

1892-93 Arbroath 2ndXI

1893-94 Lochee United 2nd XI




First Round

24 Nov Strathmore Athletic 6-2 East End Wanderers

1 Dec Clydesdale Juniors 3-3 Second Strathmore (Arbroath)

8 Dec Second Strathmore (Arbroath) 13-0 Clydesdale Juniors

1 Dec Second Harp 8-1 Perseverence Swifts

8 Dec Our Boys Rangers 1-2 Second West End

Arbroath v Coupar Angus wo-scr


Second Round

26 Jan Strathmore Athletic 4-1 Second West End

Byes: Second Arbroath, Second Strathmore (Arbroath) & Second Harp



15 Mar Second Arbroath 3-4 Second Strathmore (Arbroath)

29 Mar Strathmore Athletic 5-6 Second Harp



25 Jun Second Harp v Second Strathmore (Arbroath) 4-0 (At Rollo’s Pier, Dundee. 3000)



First round

18 Oct Harp v Broughty 9-1

1 Nov East End (Wanderers) v Angus (Athletic) (Forfar) 2-7

1 Nov Strathmore (Dundee) v Arbroath 4-2

15 Nov Strathmore (Arbroath) v West End 7-2



20 Dec Strathmore Athletic v Harp 2-5

3 Jan Strathmore (Arbroath) v Angus (Athletic) 4-4

17 Jan Angus (Athletic) v Strathmore 1-1

31 Jan Angus (Athletic) v Strathmore 7-1 (at Station Park)



7 Mar Harp v Angus (Athletic) 4-1



First round

19 Sep Angus Athletic v Strathmore (Athletic) 1-4

26 Sep Strathmore (Arbroath) v West End 2-3

26 Sep Dalhousie (Brechin) v Forfar Athletic 0-3

10 Oct Arbroath v Our Boys (Rangers) 2-0

Broughty bye


Second round

Broughty Ferry v Harp scr-wo

17 Oct Arbroath v East End (Wanderers) 8-2

Byes: Strathmore (Athletic)  (Dundee), Forfar Athletic



28 Nov Arbroath v Harp 2-2 (protest by Arbroath against Scullion and Strachan of Harp upheld and the latter were disquailified)

28 Nov Strathmore (Athletic)  (Dundee) v Forfar Athletic 5-3



11 May Strathmore (Athletic) v Arbroath 3-1 (at West Craigie Park)




First round

25 Sep Arbroath v Wanderers (Dundee) 5-3

2 Oct Harp (Dundee) v Forfar Athletic Rangers 12-1

2 Oct Our Boys Rangers v Broughty 6-2

9 Oct East End Wanderers v Strathmore Athletic 7-5



6 Nov Arbroath v Our Boys Rangers 0-2

30 Oct East End v Harp 1-3 (Harp later disqualified after protests about Hunt and Judge)



26 Feb Our Boys Rangers v East End (Wanderers) 2-2 (at East Dock Street)

14 Apr Our Boys Rangers v East End (Wanderers) 6-2 (at East Dock Street)




First round

17 Sep East End (Wanderers) v Strathmore (Athletic) 5-7

17 Sep Dundee Harp v Arbroath 5-2

17 Sep Forfar Athletic v Broughty 10-0

1 Oct Lochee Athletic v Our Boys Rangers

Montrose, Lochee Shamrock, Wanderers byes


Second round

3 Dec Our Boys Rangers v Montrose 9-0

3 Dec Strathmore Athletic v Lochee Shamrock 8-4

3 Dec Wanderers v Harp 3-5

Forfar Athletic bye



14 Jan Our Boys Rangers v Forfar Athletic 11-0

14 Jan Harp v Strathmore Athletic 7-2


Final at Rollo's Pier

18 Feb Our Boys Rangers v Harp 4-3



First round

6 Oct Lochee Athletic v Arbroath 4-3 (protested and Lochee disqualified)

6 Oct Forfar Athletic v Montrose 4-1

6 Oct Wanderers v Strathmore (Athletic) 4-0

13 Oct Broughty Ferry v East End 2-3

Our Boys (Rangers) bye


Second round

17 Nov Our Boys v Arbroath 4-1 (protest about having to wait for 20 mins on the pitch for Our Boys to appear upheld)

8 Dec Our Boys v Arbroath 11-2

Forfar Athletic, East End, Wanderers byes



15 Dec Forfar Athletic v East End 7-3

29 Dec Wanderers v Our Boys (Rangers) 3-1



26 Jan Wanderers v Forfar Athletic 5-3 (at East Dock Street Park)




12 Oct Forfar Athletic v Lochee Athletic 2-2

19 Oct Lochee Athletic v Forfar Athletic 4-3

12 Oct Strathmore (Athletic) (Dundee) v Montrose 7-4

2 Nov East End (Wanderers) v Dundee Harp 3-5

9 Nov Our Boys v Wanderers 11-0

Arbroath v Broughty wo-scr


Second round

21 Dec Strathmore v Dundee Harp 3-4 (protested?)

28 Dec Strathmore v Dundee Harp 3-4

Lochee Athletic, Arbroath, Our Boys byes



25 Jan Our Boys (Rangers) v Harp 2-0

25 Jan Arbroath v Lochee Athletic 3-2



1 Mar Our Boys v Arbroath 8-0 (at East Dock Street Park, Dundee)



First round

15 Nov Montrose v Our Boys 1-1

22 Nov Our Boys v Montrose

Lochee United, Wanderers, East End (Wanderers), Forfar Athletic, Broughty, Arbroath byes


Second round

20 Dec Lochee United v Wanderers 2-7

20 Dec East End v Our Boys Rangers 1-0

20 Dec Forfar Athletic v Broughty Ferry 5-1

20 Dec Arbroath v Harp 3-1



24 Jan Arbroath v Wanderers 6-1 (protest upheld)

14 Feb Arbroath v Wanderers 5-1

31 Jan Forfar Athletic v East End 3-0



28 Feb Arbroath v Forfar Athletic 2-1 (at West Craigie Park, Dundee)




First round

7 Nov East End v Johnstone Wanderers 0-3

14 Nov Arbroath v Lochee United 2-4

Montrose, Forfar Athletic, Our Boys, Strathmore, Kirriemuir byes


Second round

28 Nov Montrose v Johnstone Wanderers 3-2

12 Dec Forfar Athletic v Our Boys (Rangers) 1-8

12 Dec Strathmore v Harp 0-8 (friendly played due to snow)

19 Dec Strathmore v Harp 1-2 (at Logie Pk, protested)

16 Jan Harp v Strathmore 15-2 (at East Dock Street)

Lochee United v Kirriemuir wo-scr



13 Feb Montrose v Harp 1-2

30 Jan Our Boys v Lochee United 7-0



27 Feb Harp v Our Boys 1-8 (at Carolina Port)



First round

8 Oct East End (Wanderers) v Forfar Athletic 2-1

22 Oct Strathmore v Harp 1-12 (at East Dock St)

Arbroath, Our Boys, Montrose, Johnstone Wanderers, Lochee United, Strathmore (Arbroath) byes


Second round

5 Nov Montrose v Harp 2-1

10 Dec Arbroath v Strathmore Athletic wo-scr

10 Dec Our Boys v Lochee United 10-1

21 Jan East End v Johnstone Wanderers 0-6 (at Carolina Port)



21 Jan Arbroath v Montrose 5-0

11 Feb Johnstone Wanderers v Our Boys 1-4



25 Feb Our Boys v Arbroath 3-5 (at East Dock Street, Dundee 3000)





9 Dec Lochee United v Forfar Athletic 7-2

23 Dec Montrose v Arbroath 1-2


Final at West Craigie

18 May Arbroath v Lochee United 0-3