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Greenock Charity Cup

Charity cup competitions were very popular during the late 19th century, used to help raise funds for local organisations. Some, such as the Glasgow Merchants Charity Cup, continued well into the 20th century. Another such tournament was the Greenock Charity Cup. Entry, as was usual, by invitation only, and the competition also attracted strong clubs from outwith the area including Dumbarton and St Mirren. Port Glasgow Athletic only entered twice, in 1884-85 and 1887-88, as they appeared to fall out with the organizers. Morton won the last Senior competition in 1894, although the tournament lasted for at least a further two years amongst the Junior clubs. Note that the last named winners, Greenock Volunteers, were the same club as 1st Renfrewshire Rifle Volunteers (1st RRV) who appeared in the tournaments up to 1890 as a Senior club.

1884-85 Morton
1885-86 Morton
1886-87 Morton
1887-88 Dumbarton Athletic
1888-89 Morton
1889-90 Dumbarton
1890-91 Dumbarton
1891-92 Morton
1892-93 Partick Thistle
1893-94 Morton
1894-95 Greenock Volunteers 
1895-96 Greenock Volunteers
1896-97 Greenock Volunteers
1897-98 Morton Juniors
1898-99 Morton Juniors



First round

18 Apr 1st RRV v Greenock Rangers 3-5

25 Apr Morton v Northern 5-2

Port Glasgow Athletic, Southern byes


Semi final

14 May Morton v Greenock Rangers 10-2

26 May) Port Glasgow Athletic v Southern



30 May Morton v Port Glasgow Athletic 0-0 (at Cappielow)

6 Jun Morton v Port Glasgow Athletic 2-3 (at Bogston Park, match abandoned near full-time due to the crowd breaking in. A replay was ordered at Westmarch in Paisley which the PGA declined. Morton were awarded the cup)




First round

29 Apr Morton v Lyle Athletic 8-2

6 May Balclutha v Greenock Rangers   (at Cappielow)

Southern, 1st RRV byes


Semi final

15 May Greenock Rangers v 1st RRV 2-4 (at Cappielow)

13 May Southern v Morton 1-8



22 May Morton v 1st RRV 8-1 (3000)




First round

9 Apr Partick Thistle v Greenock Rangers 7-1 (at Cappielow 2000)

1st RRV, St Mirren, Morton byes


Semi final

14 May Partick Thistle v 1st RRV 4-2 (at Academy Park)

30 Apr Morton v St Mirren 6-1 (3000)



28 May Morton v Partick Thistle 5-2 (2000)




First round

Port Glasgow Athletic v 1st RRV scr-wo

St Mirren, Dumbarton Athletic, Morton byes


Semi final

21 Apr Morton v Dumbarton Athletic 1-3

3 May St Mirren v 1st RRV 7-3 (at Cappielow)



26 May Dumbarton Athletic v St Mirren 5-1 (at Cappielow)




St Mirren, Abercorn, Morton, 1st RRV, Dumbarton Athletic, Dumbarton and Carlton were all invited, and it was hoped Port Glasgow Athletic who had fallen out with the organizing committee would also enter.


First round

30 Mar Carlton v Dumbarton 2-5 (at Volunteer Park, Greenock)

16 May Morton v Dumbarton Athletic 5-2


Semi final

28 May Morton v Dykebar 4-2

14 May Dumbarton v 1st RRV 10-0



1 Jun Morton v Dumbarton 2-0 (at Cappielow 3000)




First round

29 Mar Morton v Vale of Leven Wanderers 6-1

22 Mar Dykebar v 1st RRV 5-1 (at Greenock)

19 Apr Arthurlie v Carlton  1-4 (at Greenock)

Dumbarton bye


Semi final

26 Apr Dumbarton v Dykbar 6-0 (at Cappielow Pk 2000)

14 May Morton v Carlton 10-0 



31 May Morton v Dumbarton 0-9 (at Cappielow 2000)




First round

7 Mar Dykebar v Arthurlie 2-3 (at Cappielow)


Semi final

18 Apr Morton v Arthurlie 3-1

4 Apr Partick Thistle v Dumbarton 0-2 (at Cappielow)



6 Jun Morton v Dumbarton 1-5




Semi final

5 May Morton v Partick Thistle 1-0

14 May Dumbarton v Dykebar 1-0 (at Greenock)



28 May Morton v Dumbarton 4-1 (at Cappielow)




Semi final

3 May Morton v Johnstone 5-2

20 May Dykebar v Partick Thistle 0-6 (at Cappielow Park)



27 May Morton v Partick Thistle 4-7 (at Cappielow Park)




First round

16 May Johnstone v Partick Thistle 1-6 (at Cappielow)

28 Apr Dykebar v Black Watch 2-6 (at Cappielow)

Morton, Battlefield byes


Semi final

19 May Morton v Black Watch 4-3 (at Clune Park, Port Glasgow)

26 May Battlefield v Partick Thistle 3-2 (at Cappielow 1000)



2 Jun Morton v Battlefield 8-0 (at Cappielow)




First round

15 May Greenock Volunteers v Port-Glasgow Celtic 3-3 (at Clune Park)

20 May Greenock Volunteers v Port-Glasgow Celtic 2-1 (at Cappielow)

6 May Aldergrove v Rosebery

9 Mar Gourock v Renfrew Victoria 3-4 (at Cappielow Park)

13 Apr Ferguslie (Paisley) v Overton 2-2

22 May Ferguslie (Paisley) v Overton 5-1 (at Clune Park)



1 Jun Renfrew Victoria v Overton 2-1 (at Cappielow)

10 Jun Greenock Volunteers v Aldergrove 4-4 (at Cappielow)

18 Jun Greenock Volunteers v Aldergrove      (at Cappielow)



22 Jun Greenock Volunteers v Renfrew Victoria 3-2 (at Cappielow)




First round

25 Jan Aldergrove v Orchard    (at Clune Park)

7 Mar Port-Glasgow Celtic v St Mirren Westmarch XI 2-4 (at Cappielow)

18 Apr Morton Juniors v Overton 2-1 (at Academy Park)

4 May Greenock Volunteers v Renfrew Victoria 7-3 (at Cappielow)



13 May Greenock Volunteers v St Mirren Westmarch XI   (at Cappielow)

30 May Morton Juniors v Orchard 1-2 (at Volunteer Park, protest upheld)

9/11 Jun Morton Juniors v Orchard   (at Clune Park)



20 Jun Greenock Volunteers v Orchard 2-1 (at Cappielow)




First round

23 Jan Port-Glasgow Athletic Juniors v Victoria 6-2 (at Academy Park)

24 Apr Overton v Ladyburn 1-1 (at Academy Park, abd after 30 mins when Walker, the Ladyburn 'keeper, refused to leave the field



8 May Port-Glasgow Athletic Juniors v Orchard 2-1  (at Academy Park)

          Greenock Volunteers



22 May Greenock Volunteers v Port-Glasgow Athletic Juniors 4-1 (at Cappielow)




Semi final

28 May Morton Juniors v Dunoon Rangers 10-2

Port-Glasgow Athletic Juniors



8 Jun Morton Juniors v Port-Glasgow Athletic Juniors 2-0 (at Cappielow)




Not played, Morton Junior retained the trophy