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Irvine and District Junior League

As well as the I&DJL (1907-1920), this page also features closely associated leagues, ie Ayrshire Junior League (1892-93 and 1900-1905), North Ayrshire Junior League (1903-04) and Northern District Junior League (1904-1907).

Reserached by Ian King.

For results and tables, see HERE.

In 1891 the Irvine & District association was formed and the following year they made an attempt at introducing a league competition. It was known as the Ayrshire Junior League. Unfortunately very few games went ahead and the idea was dropped. It was to be another seven years before the experiment was repeated. A proposal for a new league was discussed by the Irvine & District association at the end of August 1900. At the Fullarton Hotel in Irvine a motion was narrowly passed in favour by four votes to three. Clearly some of the prominent clubs in the association were not interested and did not take part. The project was not entirely successful and after one season the tournament was suspended. In the intervening period up to season 1907-08 a number of clubs attempted to start up leagues covering a wider area of northern Ayrshire. These leagues were known as the Ayrshire Junior League 1902-05, the North Ayrshire Junior League 1903-04 and the Northern District Junior League 1904-07. After three seasons of minimal interest from the public, and the clubs alike, the Ayrshire Junior League was abandoned The North Ayrshire Junior League ended after one season when three of its prominent clubs left to join the new Northern District League. The Northern District league, in turn, was wound up as a result of the I & D association looking for a smaller and more profitable league involving only what they regarded as the better gate drawing clubs. This inevitably led to much ill feeling between the clubs in the new league and those rejected, from what they grudgingly called the “select eight.”

Ayrshire Junior League
1892-93    incomplete

1900-01 Stewarton Cunninghame
1903-04 Kilwinning Rangers 

North Ayrshire Junior League
1903-04 Vale of Garnock Strollers

Northern District  Junior League
1904-05   incomplete
1905-06 Kilwinning Rangers

Irvine & District Junior League
1907-08 Kilbirnie Ladeside
1908-09 Kilwinning Rangers
1909-10 Ardrossan Winton Rovers
1910-11 Irvine Meadow XI
1911-12 Ardrossan Winton Rovers
1912-13 Saltcoats Victoria
1913-14 Kilwinning Rangers
1914-15   incomplete
1915-16   no competition
1916-17 Stevenston Thistle
1917-18   no competition
1918-19   no competition
1919-20 Irvine Victoria