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Kincardineshire Junior League

The Kincardineshire Junior League was formed in September 1907, and aside from the Great War years, existed until it was forced to close down in September 1932 due to the demise of a number of junior clubs in the county and also Stonehaven opting to compete with the Aberdeenshire juniors. The league continued but as a juvenile competition, the Montrose and Kincardine Juvenile League, which also ran as a junior competition between 1936 and 1939. It reformed in May 1946 as an eleven club Angus and Kincardineshire Junior League, but dropped ĎAngusí from the title in 1948 after the last of the Forfarshire sides left. The league continued until 1955 when, again, all but one of the junior clubs in the county disbanded. The league champions had been presented with a pennant (which had been given to Johnshaven Dauntless by a supporter from New Zealand) and the Mearns Leader Cup.

   The Bervie Rangers captain being presented with the 1930-31 championship trophy.

The league and association also organised a number of other competitions: the Dawson Cup, Subscription Cup, Scott Cup, Dickson Cup, Chapman Cup and the Supplementary League.

League membership and a number of final tables can be viewed HERE.

Note that this list of winners is taken from various sources and still needs fully researched.


1907-08 Stonehaven Primrose
1908-09 Stonehaven Primrose
1909-10 Johnshaven Dauntless
1910-11 Edzell
1911-12 Edzell
1912-13 Luthermuir
1913-14 Luthermuir
no competition
1919-20 Johnshaven Dauntless
1920-21 Edzell Comrades
1921-22 Johnshaven Dauntless
1922-23 Bervie Rangers
1923-24 Bervie Rangers
1924-25 Gourdon
1925-26 St Cyrus
1926-27 St Cyrus
1927-28 St Laurence
1928-29 St Laurence
1929-30 Johnshaven Dauntless
1930-31 Bervie Rangers
1931-32 Stonehaven
1932-1946 no competition
1946-47 St Laurence
1947-48 Bervie United
1948-49 St Cyrus
1949-50 Bervie United
1950-51 Bervie United
1951-52 St Laurence
1952-53 Gourdon Selbie
1953-54 Luthermuir
1954-55 Luthermuir