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Lanarkshire Consolation Cup

Senior county competition open to members of the Lanarkshire FA that were eliminated during the early rounds of the Lanarkshire Cup, first played in 1889-90. The trophy was donated by the Coatbridge Express, a local newspaper. The trophy was later reused as the Express Cup from 1909 until 1927.


1889-90 Carfin Shamrock
1890-91 Burnbank Swifts
1891-92 Royal Albert
1892-93 Motherwell
1893-94 Albion Rovers
1894-95 Royal Albert
1895-96 Airdrieonians
1896-97 Hamilton Academical
1897-98 Longriggend
1898-99 Wishaw Thistle
1899-00 Dykehead




First round 

26 Apr Carfin Shamrock v Uddingston 3-3

29 Apr Carfin Shamrock v Uddingston 1-0

15 Apr Wishaw Thistle v Whifflet Shamrock wo-scr friendly played as Whifflet had scratched because of a lack of players, score 7-0

Coatbridge Athletic v Motherwell

Airdrieonians, Albion Rovers, Airdriehill, Hamilton Academical and Clydesdale byes


Second round 

30 Apr Airdrieonians v Wishaw Thistle 3-2

12 Jun Carfin Shamrock v Airdriehill 8-0

30 Apr Motherwell v Clydesdale 4-2

30 May Albion Rovers v Hamilton Academical 8-0



Motherwell v Albion Rovers 5-4 protest

11 Jun Motherwell v Albion Rovers 2-1

21 Jun Carfin Shamrock v Airdrieonians 4-1 at Airdrie


Final at Meadow Park, Coatbridge

Carfin Shamrock v Motherwell 4-1



First round

28 Mar Clydesdale v Albion Rovers 3-6

28 Mar Royal Albert v Plains 6-0

28 Mar Hamilton Academical v Wishaw Thistle 2-3

            Motherwell Shamrock v Airdriehill

            Clarkston v Burnbank Swifts

            Uddingston v Whifflet Shamrock

            Glengowan v Shettleston Swifts

            Carfin Shamrock v Hamilton Harp

Motherwell bye


Second round

             Motherwell v Albion Rovers

Rest byes


Third round

25 Apr Hamilton Harp v Motherwell 0-7

25 Apr Wishaw Thistle v Uddingston 6-3

25 Apr Royal Albert v Burnbank Swifts 2-2

25 Apr Airdriehill v Glengowan 2-0 friendly as the referee didnít appear



> 19 May Airdriehill v Wishaw Thistle (awarded to Airdriehill after a protest)

                Burnbank Swifts v Motherwell


Final at Meadow Park, Whifflet

23 May Burnbank Swifts v Airdriehill 9-1





First round

26 Mar Wishaw Thistle v Carfin Hibernian wo-scr friendly played, score 3-0. Abandoned after 45 mins due to weather conditions

26 Mar Hamilton Academicals v Albion Rovers 2-6

26 Mar Dykehead v Motherwell 6-0 abandoned at half-time due to a snowstorm

30 Apr Dykehead v Motherwell 3-1


Second round

27 Apr Albion Rovers v Wishaw Thistle 1-0

30 Apr Carfin Shamrock v Burnbank Swifts 0-1

            Royal Albert


Semi-final Ė 2 legs

7 May Royal Albert v Albion Rovers 3-5

11 May Albion Rovers v Royal Albert 0-4

Burnbank Swifts v Dykehead

Dykehead v Burnbank Swifts


Final at Meadow Park, Whifflet

28 May Royal Albert v Burnbank Swifts 3-0




First round

18 Mar Burnbank Swifts v Royal Albert 3-5

18 Mar Hamilton Academical v Carfin Shamrock 9-1 protest

25 Mar Hamilton Academical v Carfin Shamrock 5-1

25 Mar Motherwell v Hamilton Harp 3-0


Second round

15 Apr Royal Albert v Dykehead 6-0

15 Apr Airdriehill v Hamilton Academical 3-5

Motherwell and Albion Rovers byes


Semi final

29 Apr Royal Albert v Motherwell 2-3

29 Apr Hamilton Academical Albion Rovers 1-2


Final at Broomfield Park, Airdrie

20 May Motherwell v Albion Rovers 4-1




First round

17 Mar Wishaw Thistle v Hamilton Harp 10-0

7 Apr Motherwell v Airdrieonians 2-3

Albion Rovers v Dykehead 8-2

24 Mar Airdriehill v Hamilton Academical 6-4


Second round

Albion Rovers v Glengowan 12-0



12 May Albion Rovers v Wishaw Thistle 2-0



Final at Meadow Park, Whifflet

26 May Albion Rovers v Airdriehill 4-0





4 May Royal Albert v Albion Rovers 8-4

18 May Hamilton Academical v Burnbank Swifts 1-2


Final at Dalziel Park, Motherwell

25 May Royal Albert v Burnbank Swifts 4-3




First round

                Glengowan v Hamilton Harp

                Burnbank Swifts v Hamilton Academical

21 Mar Airdrieonians v Wishaw Thistle 2-0

                Airdriehill v Motherwell

21 Mar Albion Rovers v Blantyre 3-2

Dykehead bye


Second round

18 Apr Albion Rovers v Hamilton Harp wo-scr friendly played, score 6-2




Airdrieonians v Albion Rovers 2-0







First round

3 Apr Wishaw Thistle v Blantyre 6-3

Albion Rovers v Motherwell 3-1 protest

Albion Rovers v Motherwell wo-scr

14 Apr Hamilton Academical v Airdriehill 5-0

           Glengowan v Royal Albert

           Burnbank Swifts v Dykehead


Second round





28 Apr Wishaw Thistle v Hamilton Academical 1-5

8 May Royal Albert v Albion Rovers 3-2



13 May Royal Albert v Hamilton Academical 1-1 at Old Public Park, Wishaw

15 May Hamilton Academical v Royal Albert 2-1 at    Meadow Park, Whifflet




First round

26 Mar Royal Albert v Dykehead 3-2

26 Mar Motherwell v Hamilton Academical 0-0

2 Apr Hamilton Academical v Motherwell



Albion Rovers v Carfin 0-0

Carfin v Albion Rovers 1-4



Final at Broomfield Park, Airdrie

28 Apr Longriggend v Albion Rovers 3-1



First round

4 Mar Wishaw Thistle v Dykehead 6-0

Uddingston v Royal Albert

Albion Rovers v Carfin

Glengowan v Airdrieonians

East Lanarkshire v Hamilton Academical

Itís possible that few of these ties were played. The Lanarkshire League, which was formed this year, seems to have taken preference



8 Apr Uddingston v Wishaw Thistle 1-1

15 Apr Wishaw Thistle v Uddingston 3-0



29 Apr Wishaw Thistle v East Lanarkshire 1-1 also reported as  2-2, at Douglas Park, Hamilton

8 May Wishaw Thistle v East Lanarkshire 1-1 at Fir Park, Motherwell

12 May Wishaw Thistle v East Lanarkshire 3-0 at Fir Park, Motherwell




First round

10 Mar Royal Albert v Carfin Emmet 2-1

Longriggend v Glengowan

Hamilton Academical v Dykehead scr-wo

Uddingston, Airdrieonians, Wishaw, East Lanarkshire and Wishaw Thistle byes

Motherwell indicated they would not take part and were excluded from the draw


Second round

24 Mar Wishaw Thistle v Royal Albert 4-0

24 Mar Wishaw v Uddingston 5-1



14 Apr Wishaw v Longriggend

21 Apr Longriggend v Wishaw 2-3

14 Apr Dykehead v Wishaw Thistle

21 Apr Wishaw Thistle v Dykehead 0-2


Final at Douglas Park, Hamilton

28 Apr Dykehead v Wishaw 4-3