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Lanarkshire Junior League

Formed 1891, when the Lanarkshire Junior League merged into the new SJFA Central Region in 1968, it was the oldest beside the Scottish Football League.
Like all leagues in the early years, the LJL practiced a re-election procedure, accepting clubs mainly from the Lanarkshire Junior Alliance. The latter was formed a year after the LJL and was eventually absorbed as the Second Division in 1903. Unlike all Scottish leagues at the time, the LJL practiced automatic promotion and relegation, although for the first few years no clubs were actually relegated because of natural wastage. The policy was abandoned in 1910 to entice Blantyre Victoria and Burnbank Athletic back from the Scottish Junior League. The Second Division was suspended in 1915 because of the war and wasn’t restarted until 1923, before being scrapped again three years later. The Intermediate Dispute which began in 1927 saw the loss of many clubs to the Scottish Intermediate League, most of which never returned. By 1939 the league had grown again to 20 clubs but WWII saw the league suspend operations from 1941, although surviving member clubs helped form the Lanark & Lothians Junior League for the remainder of the conflict.
In 1945, Croy Celtic, a Dunbartonshire club, were granted a temporary place until the Scottish Junior League restarted. The post war period also saw the league played out over two series, with the winners of the latter being declared champions. The league reverted to one division for the remainder of the 1950s and the early 1960s, but a diminishing membership saw a return to the two series championship. By the time the championship was held in 1967-68, the LJL had only 10 clubs. The merger with the Central Junior League, which had been on the agenda for a few years took place at the end of the season.

The LEAGUE TABLES and MEMBERSHIPS were researched by the late Jackie Heaney and kindly supplied by Stewart Davidson with Robert Watson, Martin Bain and Thomas McGouran adding many tables from the 1920s to the 1960s. Additional information is taken from John Aitken’s book ‘West of Scotland Juniors 1885-2005’. Thanks also go to Norman Nicol for noting some errors in some club names.


1891-92 Newmains Thistle
1892-93 Blantyre Victoria
1893-94 Blantyre Victoria
1894-95 Mossend Celtic
1895-96 Larkhall Thistle
1896-97 Burnbank Athletic
1897-98 Dalziel Rovers
1898-99 Dalziel Rovers
1899-00 Holytown Thistle
1900-01 Burnbank Athletic
1901-02 Burnbank Athletic
1902-03 Burnbank Athletic
1903-04 Burnbank Athletic
1904-05 Bellshill Athletic
1905-06 Blantyre Victoria
1906-07 East Benhar Heatherbell
1907-08 Quarter Huttonbank
1908-09 Mossend Hibernian
1909-10 Larkhall United
1910-11 Blantyre Victoria
1911-12 Burnbank Athletic
1912-13 Larkhall Thistle
1913-14 Larkhall Thistle
1914-15 Larkhall Thistle
1915-16 Burnbank Athletic
1916-17 Blantyre Victoria
1917-18 Cleland
1918-19 Cleland
1919-20 Blantyre Victoria
1920-21 New Stevenston United
1921-22 Cleland
1922-23 Carluke Rovers
1923-24 Shotts United
1924-25 Shotts United
1925-26 Wishaw
1926-27 Blantyre Victoria
1927-28 Coalburn United
1928-29 Burnbank Athletic
1929-30 Coalburn United
1930-31 Shotts Battlefield
1931-32 Larkhall Thistle
1932-33 Douglas Water Thistle
1933-34 Royal Albert
1934-35 Wishaw
1935-36 Royal Albert
1936-37 Royal Albert
1937-38 Holytown United
1938-39 Stonehouse Violet
1939-40 New Stevenston United
1940-41 Burnbank Athletic
1941-45     no competition
1945-46 Wishaw
1946-47 Burnbank Athletic
1947-48 Larkhall Thistle
1948-49 Newarthill Hearts
1949-50 New Stevenston United
1950-51 Thorniewood United
1951-52 Larkhall Thistle
1952-53 Lesmahagow
1953-54 Coltness United
1954-55 Douglas Water Thistle
1955-56 Thorniewood United
1956-57 Carluke Rovers
1957-58 Shotts Bon Accord
1958-59 Carluke Rovers
1959-60 Thorniewood United
1960-61 Shotts Bon Accord
1961-62 Shotts Bon Accord
1962-63 Shotts Bon Accord
1963-64 Thorniewood United
1964-65 Shotts Bon Accord
1965-66 Forth Wanderers
1966-67 Shotts Bon Accord
1967-68 Shotts Bon Accord
League Cup
1921-22 Fauldhouse United
1922-23 Harthill Athletic
1923-24 Cadzow St Anne’s
1924-25 Shotts United
1925-26 Wishaw
1926-27 Shotts United
1927-28 Motherwell Juniors
1928-29 Burnbank Athletic
1929-30 Law Scotia
1930-31 Coalburn
1931-32 Royal Albert
1932-33 Larkhall Thistle
1933-34 Royal Albert
1934-35 Stonehouse Violet
1935-36 Larkhall Thistle
1936-37 Lemahagow
1937-38 Shieldmuir Celtic
1938-39 Stonehouse Violet
1939-40 New Stevenston United
1940-41 Larkhall Thistle
1941-45  no competition
1945-46 Newarthill Hearts
1946-47 Forth Wanderers
1947-48 Forth Wanderers
1948-49 Douglas Water Thistle
1949-50 Carluke Rovers
1950-51 Wishaw
1951-52 Shotts Bon Accord
1952-53 Larkhall Thistle
1953-54 Coltness United
1954-55 Carluke Rovers
1955-56 Douglas Water Thistle
1956-57 Larkhall Thistle
1957-58 Shotts Bon Accord
1958-59 Burnbank Athletic
1959-60 Shotts Bon Accord
1960-61 Wishaw
1961-62 Bellshill Athletic
1962-63 Thorniewood United
1963-64 Shotts Bon Accord
1964-65 Shotts Bon Accord
1965-66 Thorniewood United
1966-67 Shotts Bon Accord
1967-68 Shotts Bon Accord

Second Division
1903-04 Shotts United
1904-05 East Benhar Heatherbell
1905-06 Quarter Huttonbank
1906-07 Douglas Park
1907-08 Larkhall United
1908-09 East Benhar Heatherbell
1909-10 Shotts Battlefield
1910-11 Dechmont Hearts
1911-12 Fauldhouse West Rovers
1912-13 Carfin Shamrock
1913-14 Palace
1914-15 East Benhar Heatherbell
1915-1922 no competition
1922-23 Watsonians
1923-24 Shieldmuir Celtic
1924-25 Blantyre Celtic
1925-26 Douglas Water Thistle