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Midlothian Junior League

The Midlothian Junior League was founded as the Donaldson Junior League in 1893. By the late 1890s, the league was struggling for entries and was close to collapsing on several occasions. After the turn of the century it had renamed itself the Midlothian Junior League and began to attract clubs from neighbouring counties. By now the league was the dominating force in the East of Scotland. The league closed down during The Great War and was replaced temporarily by the Lothian Junior League. It reformed in 1918, but it disappeared again in 1922 when all the competitions in the Region came under the umbrella of the East of Scotland Junior FA.

For league members and many partial and final tables, see HERE.

1893-94 Arniston Rangers
1894-95 Newtongrange Athletic
1895-96 Arniston Rangers
1896-97 Dalhousie Rangers
1897-98 Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic
1898-99 Musselburgh Fern
1899-00 Arniston Rangers
1900-01 Arniston Rangers
1901-02 Arniston Rangers
1902-03 Edinburgh Myrtle
1903-04 Arniston Rangers
1904-05 Arniston Rangers
1905-06 Newtongrange Star
1906-07 Newtongrange Star
1907-08 Newtongrange Star
1908-09 Arniston Rangers
1909-10 Penicuik
1910-11 Arniston Rangers
1911-12 Wemyss Athletic
1912-13 Wemyss Athletic
1913-14 Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic
1914-15 Tranent
1915-1918 no competition
1918-19 Loanhead Mayflower
1919-20 Newtongrange Star
1920-21 Newtongrange Star
1921-22 Newtongrange Star