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North Eastern League

After the suspension of the Scottish League in 1940, clubs in the southern part of the country banded together and formed the Southern Football League. An attempt at creating one for the northern clubs was put on hold for a year, and when it kicked off in 1941 it also included the reserve eleven of Rangers. Although they were included on the pretext of fielding a strong side, this wasn't always possible as Southern League matches always took priority. Despite this handicap, Rangers won both series of the first North Eastern League championship. Later competitions would also include the reserve sides of Falkirk, Heart of Midlothian and Hibernian. Because there were only a handful of clubs taking part, the league ran the competition over two series, with champions being declared for each. The league also ran two cup competitions, which were also run over an Autumn and Spring series. The league was last played in 1944-45, after which its member clubs joined the Southern League in the last season before full peace-time football was recommenced.


First Series
1941-42 Rangers 'A'
1942-43 Aberdeen
1943-44 Raith Rovers
1944-45 Dundee
Second Series
1941-42 Aberdeen
1942-43 Aberdeen
1943-44 Aberdeen
1944-45 Aberdeen

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