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Sauchie Band Charity Badge

In 1886-87, the Sauchie Colliery Band organized a successful charity badge competition. Because of their superiority over the other local clubs, Alloa Athletic were to enter their 2nd XI.
Spurred by the competition’s success, clubs in the county formed the Clackmannanshire Charity FA in 1887 to run a Charity Cup.

First round

5 Mar Alva Athletic v Vale of Forth 4-4 (at Sauchie)

12 Mar Vale of Forth v Alva Athletic 4-0

12 Mar Alloa Athletic ‘A’ v Clackmannan 1-1

26 Mar Clackmannan v Alloa Athletic ‘A’ 4-1

12 Mar Alloa United v Tulliallan 8-1

12 Mar Tillicoutry v Grange (Alloa) 8-0 (protested)

26 Mar Tillicoutry v Grange 5-0

            Vale of Devon v Menstrie Athletic

Hillend Rangers, Alva Volunteers, Sauchie Volunteers byes


Second round

2 Apr Alloa United v Vale of Forth 0-1

9 Apr Sauchie Volunteers v Clackmannan 0-8

16 Apr Alva Volunteers v Vale of Devon 4-1

          Hillend Rangers v Tillicoultry



23 Apr Vale of Devon v Clackmannan 1-5

23 Apr Tillicoutry v Vale of Forth 6-0



7 May Clackmannan v Tillicoutry 2-1 (at Gaberston Park, Alloa 3000)