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North Caledonian League


League championship trophy

Founded in 1896, the North Caledonian League (NCL) is an amateur league which, enigmatically, has a tenuous senior status that has existed under a number of different names. The league mostly consists of amateur clubs that play on public parks, although Golspie Sutherland have full membership of the Scottish FA, while the long defunct Thurso Pentland were also a senior club in the NCL that competed in the Scottish Cup in the 19th century. The present amateur side which plays in the Caithness County League were formed in 1918.

During the 1920s, a number of clubs also competed in the Scottish Junior Cup further confusing its official status.


From 1948 the league was known variably as the North of Scotland 2nd XI League or Highland Reserve League, with the Highland League reserve teams which had dominated the championship continued to do so until the late 1960s. During the 1970's the reserve teams gradually dropped out and other clubs from villages in the highlands emerged into membership so that by the turn of the 1980's very few reserve teams took part.


At the AGM of the North 2nd XI FA the decision was taken to change the name of the league to North Caledonian League. It was felt by the clubs that 'Second Eleven' in the title held some stigma. Since then the whole organisation has been under the authority of the North Caledonian FA since then.



Research into this league is ongoing but number of tables/memberships can be seen HERE.




189697 Inverness Celtic

189798 Inverness Citadel A

189899 Nelson

189900 Nelson

190001 Inverness Thistle A

190102 Inverness Citadel A

190203 Inverness Citadel A

190304 Clachnacuddin A

190405 Clachnacuddin A

190506 Nelson

190607 Nelson

190708 Nelson

190809 Nelson

190910 Clachnacuddin A

191011 Inverness Citadel A

191112 Nelson

191213 Nelson

191314 Albert

191419   no Competition

191920 Dingwall Victoria United

192021 Nelson

192122 Inverness Citadel A

192223 Inverness Caledonian A

192324 Fortrose Union

192425 Catch-My-Pal

192526 Nelson

192627 Clachnacuddin A

192728 Dingwall Victoria United

192829 Inverness Thistle A

192930 Clachnacuddin A

193031 Inverness Thistle A

193132 Clachnacuddin A

193233 Inverness District Asylum

193334 Inverness District Asylum

193435 Inverness Thistle A

193536 Nairn County A

193637 Clachnacuddin A

193738 Highland Light Infantry


193946 No Competition

194647 Invergordon

194748 Inverness Thistle reserves

194849 Inverness Caledonian reserves

194950 Clachnacuddin reserves

195051 Clachnacuddin reserves

195152 Inverness Caledonian reserves

195253 Inverness Caledonian reserves

195354 Elgin City reserves

195455 Nairn County reserves / Buckie Thistle reserves

195556 Clachnacuddin reserves

195657 Clachnacuddin reserves

195758 Clachnacuddin reserves

195859 Inverness Thistle reserves

195960 Inverness Thistle reserves

196061    incomplete

196162    incomplete

196263 Inverness Thistle reserves

196364 Clachnacuddin reserves

196465 Avoch Rovers

196566 Ross County reserves

196667 Brora Rangers reserves

196768 Brora Rangers reserves

196869 Dingwall Thistle

196970 Inverness Caledonian reserves

197071 Dingwall Thistle

197172 Dingwall Thistle

197273 Alness United

197374 Alness United

197475 Golspie Sutherland

197576 Golspie Sutherland

197677 Invergordon

197778 Dingwall Thistle

197879 Wick Academy

197980 Wick Academy

198081 Wick Academy

198182 Wick Academy

198283 Bunillidh Thistle

198384 Muir of Ord

198485 Fort William

198586 Muir of Ord

198687 Wick Academy

198788 Invergordon

198889 Bunillidh Thistle

198990 Balintore

199091 Balintore

199192 Clachnacuddin reserves

199293 Golspie Sutherland

199394 Halkirk United

199495 Caledonian Thistle reserves

199596 Fearn Thistle

199697 Ross County reserves

199798 Inverness Caledonian Thistle reserves

199899 Golspie Sutherland

199900 Thurso

200001 Alness United

200102 Invergordon

200203 Thurso

200304 Golspie Sutherland

200405 Alness United

200506 Balintore

200607 Golspie Sutherland

200708 Golspie Sutherland

200809 Golspie Sutherland

2009-10 Thurso

2010-11 Halkirk United

2011-12 Halkirk United

2012-13 Thurso

2013-14 Halkirk United

2014-15 Golspie Sutherland