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Northern League

The Northern League was formed in 1891 and was based initially around the counties of Forfarshire and Perthshire, and the city of Aberdeen. Later it would extend southwards into Fife. 1893-94 was one of three occasions the championship was not completed - the others were in 1911-12 and 1913-14 when the competition was very much deminished. Although Arbroath were leading, the league was abandoned and not restarted until 8 June 1895 when it was reconstituted as a new league.  Victoria United were one of the eight invited clubs, but by the time the league started the new season, they had been replaced by Fair City Athletic.
1908-09 was the last season that the league had a strong membership as the following season, six of its clubs helped to form the Central League. From then until 1920, the league became a secondary affair and an attempt at creating a new stronger, North Eastern League in 1912 with some Border clubs failed when the Eastern League was set up without the Forfarshire teams. The Northern League closed down for the war, although it was briefly revived for a season in 1919-20.

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1891-92 East End / Our Boys shared

1892-93 Arbroath

1893-94   unfinished

1894-95   no competition

1895-96 Forfar Athletic

1896-97 Orion

1897-98 Victoria United

1898-99 Orion

1899-00 Dundee Wanderers

1900-01 Dundee 'A'

1901-02 Raith Rovers

1902-03 Dundee 'A'

1903-04 Montrose
1904-05 Dundee 'A'

1905-06 Aberdeen 'A'

1906-07 Kirkcaldy United / Dundee 'A' shared

1907-08 Brechin City

1908-09 Dundee 'A'

1909-10 Dundee 'A'

1910-11 Aberdeen 'A'

1911-12    unfinished

1912-13 Brechin City

1913-14    unfinished

1914-15    unfinished

1915-1919 no competition

1919-20    unfinished