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Perthshire Junior League

League football in Perthshire began in 1891 when the Perth Junior FA changed from being an association, North End, Huntingtower and Cherrybank being three of the clubs involved. For the rest of the 1890s it is possible, if not probable, that the competition was played on a knock-out format.

The Perth & District Junior League was formed in 1899, the winners receiving the Menzies Cup.

In 1924 the league disbanded and a new Perth City League formed, with membership restricted to clubs within four miles of Perth. The county clubs continued in a Perth County Junior League. A year later several east Perthshire clubs entered the newly formed Midland Counties Junior League with Dundee and Arbroath sides, but these were ordered to return by the Perthshire JFA in 1927 and the league was reorganised into west and east sections. The Perthshire Junior League was dissolved in 1928 when the city clubs again formed a new Perth and District Junior League. The Perthshire League continued but lost a number of clubs through disbanding or else to the city league which had begun to admit some country clubs.

When the league reformed in 1947, it was again open to all clubs in the county, although Jeanfield Swifts elected to stay with the Midland Junior League for one more season. With 18 clubs in membership, the league was split into North and South sections, and, after a ballot in 1949, the South was designated as A Division and promotion and relegation introduced. This lasted until 1951 when a single, 15 club, division was reintroduced. The 1950s saw the number of clubs drop further, but when the senior North Perthshire League sought permission to turn Junior and join with the surviving clubs, this was refused. By the time of reorganisation in 1969, the Perthshire Junior League had a membership of only eight clubs.

The final tables and league memberships from 1899 were compiled with the help of John Aitken, Norman Nicol, Martin Bain, Charlie Grieve (of Kinnoull FC) and Grant Ritchie (VP of Luncarty FC). 

Perth Junior League

1891-92 North End
1897-98 Rosebank
1898-99 Perth Celtic

Perth and District Junior League and

Perthshire Junior League


1899-00 Perth Celtic

1900-01 St Leonardís

1901-02 Perth Celtic

1902-03 St Leonardís

1903-04 Perth Roselea

1904-05 St Leonardís

1905-06 Perth Roselea

1906-07 Perth Roselea

1907-08 Perth Roselea

1908-09 St Leonardís

1909-10 Perth Roselea

1910-11 Perth Violet

1911-12 Perth Violet

1912-13 Perth Violet

1913-14 Perth Violet

1914-1919 no competition

1919-20 Perth Celtic

1920-21 Scone Thistle

1921-22 Perth Violet

1922-23 Vale of Earn

1923-24 Scone Thistle

1924-25 St Johnstone YM

1925-26 St Johnstone YM

1926-27 Vale of Earn

1927-28 Vale of Earn

1928-29 (Perthshire) Perth Roselea

1928-29 (Perth & District)  Luncarty

1929-30 St Johnstone YM

1930-31 St Johnstone YM

1931-32 Luncarty

1932-33 Scone Thistle

1933-34 Perth Celtic




1934-35 Scone Thistle

1935-36 Scone Thistle

1936-37 Perth Craigie

1937-38 Crieff Earngrove

1938-39 Perth Craigie

1939-40 St Johnstone YM

1940-41 St Johnstone YM

1941-42 Jeanfield Swifts

1942-1946 no competition

1946-47 Newburgh

1947-48 Jeanfield Swifts

1948-49 Jeanfield Swifts

1949-50 Luncarty

1950-51 Comrie Rovers

1951-52 Blairgowrie

1952-53 Blairgowrie

1953-54 Newburgh

1954-55 Newburgh

1955-56 Newburgh

1956-57 Newburgh

1957-58 Blairgowrie

1958-59 Blairgowrie

1959-60 Blairgowrie

1960-61 Blairgowrie

1961-62 Blairgowrie

1962-63 Coupar Angus

1963-64 Jeanfield Swifts

1964-65 Luncarty

1965-66 Jeanfield Swifts

1966-67 Jeanfield Swifts

1967-68 Jeanfield Swifts

1968-69 Blairgowrie