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Perthshire League

Research for this competition is ongoing. Current research, results and tables, can be seen HERE.

The Perthshire League was formed on the 8 January 1898 after a meeting of seven clubs at the White Horse Hotel in Perth. The clubs represented were Scone, Huntingtower, Tulloch, Duncrub Park, Stanley, Luncarty and Airleywright. William Whitelaw was elected honorary president and Harry Christie president. Other officials of the league were -
Mr Stein (Huntingtower) - vice president
Mr R Stewart - treasurer
Mr J Trail - secretary

The league rules were framed up on the 22 January, when it was also read that Duncrub Park could not compete.

The Perthshire League appeared to be an erratically organised competition that seemed to survive in bits and pieces as a Senior league right up until WWII. Blairgowrie were the most respected entrants since they actually eliminated Dumbarton in the 1938-39 Scottish Cup. Other entrants included Vale of Atholl, Dunkeld & Birnam, Fair City Athletic, Breadalbane, Huntingtower, Scone, Tulloch, Stanley and Luncarty.

The pre-WWI days were its most successful. A number of clubs (Tulloch, Scone, Morrisonians, Luncarty etc) failed to survive long thereafter and this seems to have limited competition. A Perth & County League and an Atholl League were also played in the inter-war years.

The Perthshire League resurfaced in the mid to late 1930s and Fair City Athletic are noted as being league winners in 1935-36, this referring to senior rather than junior. Although the competition was regularly left incomplete, it does appear that a championship trophy was awarded in this season. Itís fairly certain that the inter-war competitions were more along the lines of the North Ayrshire Cup competitions of the 1890s - 1900s....sporadically staged and regularly incomplete. It would seem the league disbanded in 1959 and was replaced by the Perthshire Amateur League.

Vale of Atholl lasted longest as a senior side, competing in the Qualifying Cup well into the 1960s and in the Perthshire Cup into the 1970s. Some clubs, such as Blairgowrie may also have played in the Juniors for a time. They last played and won a tie in the Qualifying Cup in 1946-47 but scratched before the second round and subsequently disbanded. The junior team in Blairgowrie was formed around the same time, suggesting they followed the same pattern as a number of teams either side of WW2 (Beith, Bo'ness, Vale of Leven e.g.) where a junior team with the same or similar name to a senior side was set up, often playing at the same ground. The junior side in Luncarty was formed much earlier - in the 1920s. Luncarty are direct descendants of the seniors wheras Scone Thistle played concurrently during Scone's existence.

Whether any other seasons were completed remains unknown. With only three or four SFA affiliated member clubs within its entrants, it must be assumed that any competition was either very brief or possibly encompassed some local amateur clubs. Itís believed that there was a Perthshire Amateur League in existence in the 1930s so it is possible this might be the competition referred to above.

Many of the early league members - Scone, Huntingtower, Stanley, Tulloch and Dunblane - were regular Scottish Cup entrants pre-WW1, but it would seem that the rise of St Johnstone in the 1920s did for the 'lesser' Senior  teams in the county. The Perthshire Cup continued until 1974-75 and, Breadalbane who were regular winners of this tourney, played senior opposition as late as September 1961 when they were beaten by an almost full strength St Johnstone in the Dewar Shield. This suggests some form of league structure though the absence of these sides from the all-in Scottish Cup of the mid-1950s, Vale of Atholl excepted, seems to suggest amateur rather than senior non-league.

Breadalbane and Vale of Atholl continue to play in the amateur grades to the present day. Whilst the Aberfeldy club (Breadalbane) have endured at least one brief period of inactivity in the recent past, Vale of Atholl have survived continuously and still play at Pitlochry's Recreation Ground.
Huntingtower and Fair City Athletic, both senior clubs from a bygone era, presently compete in the Perthshire Amateur League also although it is not thought that either are related to their earlier namesakes.
Vale of Atholl entered the Scottish Qualifying Cup for 1966-67 but scratched before the first round where they were due to play Glasgow University, possibly due to the fact that they just weren't able to compete at this level. They hadn't actually qualified for the competition proper (excluding the all-in seasons of the mid 1950s) since 1934-35 and hadn't won a qualifier since 1961-62. They had taken some severe beatings since then - 6-1 v Gala Fairydean, 12-0 v Duns, 5-1 v Burntisland Shipyard and 8-0 v Edinburgh University so
maybe they just gave up the ghost.

 Winners  Runners-up

1897-98 Scone
1898-99 Huntingtower
1899-00 Dunblane
1901-02 Stanley
1902-03 Stanley
1903-04 Tulloch     
1904-05 Stanley   
1905-06 Duncrub Park                  
1906-07 Stanley
1907-08 Stanley    
1908-09 Stanley       
1909-10 Huntingtower        
1910-11 Morrisonians   
1911-12 Scone Thistle  
1912-13 Blairgowrie    
1913-14 Tulloch 
1919-20 Blairgowrie     
1920-21 Vale of Atholl 
1921-22 Vale of Atholl                   
1922-23 Vale of Atholl                  
1923-24 Dunkeld & Birnam         
1924-25 Dunkeld & Birnham         
1925-26 Blairgowrie        
1926-27 Breadalbane     
1927-28 Vale of Atholl        
1928-29 Vale of Atholl          
1929-30 Moulin City         
1930-31 Breadblane      
1931-32 Vale of Atholl   
1932-33 Vale of Atholl ?           
1933-34 Blairgowrie     
1934-35 Blairgowrie 
1935-36 Blairgowrie  
1936-37 Breadalbane        
1937-38 Breadblane  
1938-39 Black Watch 

1945-46 8th ITC A Company
1946-47 Breadalbane
1947-48 Breadalbane
1948-49 Vale of Atholl
1949-50 Breadalbane
1950-51 Grandtully Vale
1951-52 Grandtully Vale
1952-53 Grandtully Vale
1953-54 Breadalbane
1954-55   unfinished
1955-56 Breadalbane
1956-57 Breadalbane

1897-98 Stanley
1898-99 Stanley
1899-00 Stanley
1901-02 Airleywright
1902-03 Fair City Athletic
1903-04 Luncarty
1904-05 Duncrub Park
1905-06 Tulloch
1906-07 Morrisonians
1907-08 Morrisonians
1908-09 Morrisonians
1909-10 Tulloch
1910-11 Tulloch
1911-12 Morrisonians
1912-13 Morrisonians
1913-14 Morrisonians
1919-20 Morrisonians
1920-21 Morrisonians
1921-22 Blairgowrie
1922-23 Morrisonians
1923-24 Blairgowrie
1924-25 Blairgowrie
1925-26 Dunkeld & birham
1926-27 Birnam Rovers
1927-28 Morrisonians
1928-29 Moulin City
1929-30 Vale of Atholl
1930-31 Vale of Atholl
1931-32 Vale of Atholl
1932-33 Blairgowrie ?
1933-34 Blairgowrie
1934-35 Blairgowrie
1935-36 Blairgowrie
1936-37 Breadalbane
1937-38 Balbeggie
1938-39 Fair
City Athletic

League Cup
1910-11 Scone