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Scottish Counties Cup

The proposal for a cup competition for junior representative sides was made by the Aberdeenshire JFA in a meeting in Perth on 3 November 1923. The JFAs represented were Perthshire, Aberdeenshire, Fifeshire, Forfarshire, Stirlingshire and Lanarkshire, and the winners would be awarded the Martin-Muir Cup.
The competition resurfaced in the 1950s with a different trophy, the RS McColl Cup.


1923-24 Aberdeenshire

1924-25 Forfarshire

1925-26 Stirlingshire

1926-27 Fifeshire

1927-28 Forfarshire

1928-29 Aberdeenshire

1929-30 Dunbartonshire

1930-31 Fifeshire

1931-32 Lanarkshire / Renfrewshire

1932-33 Aberdeenshire

1933-34 Renfrewshire

1934-35 Aberdeenshire

1935-36 Stirlingshire

1936-37 Stirlingshire

1937-38 Forfarshire

1938-39   incomplete

1939-40 Aberdeenshire

1940-41 Aberdeenshire / Perthshire


1951-52 Dunbartonshire

1952-53 Dunbartonshire

1953-54 Perthshire

1954-55 Forfarshire





First round

16 Feb Perthshire v Fifeshire 1-2 (at Recreation Ground, Perth)

19 Jan Stirlingshire v Forfarshire 2-2 abandoned (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)

2 Feb Forfarshire v Stirlingshire 1-0 (at Dens Park, Dundee)



29 Mar Lanarkshire v Fifeshire 3-0 (at Fir Park, Motherwell)

29 Mar Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire 3-0 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)



24 May Aberdeenshire v Lanarkshire 2-0 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)




First round

15 Nov Renfrewshire v Perthshire 6-3 (at St Mirren Park, Paisley)

21 Mar Fifeshire v Forfarshire 1-0 (at Central Park, Cowdenbeath)

14 Jan Lanarkshire v Aberdeenshire 1-1 abandoned at half-time (at Fir Park, Motherwell)

14 Mar Aberdeenshire v Lanarkshire 3-2 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)



25 Apr Forfarshire v Dunbartonshire 2-0 (at Dens Park, Dundee)

9 May Aberdeenshire v Renfrewshire 2-2 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)

16 May Renfrewshire v Aberdeenshire 3-0 (at St Mirren Park, Paisley)



30 May Forfarshire v Renfrewshire 2-0 (at Rockwell Park, Dundee)




First round

9 Jan Fifeshire v Forfarshire 1-2 (at Recreation Park, St Andrews)

27 Mar Aberdeenshire v Dunbartonshire 2-0 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)

1 Jan Stirlingshire v Perthshire 3-0 (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)

14 Nov Lanarkshire v Renfrewshire 0-2



27 Mar Forfarshire v Renfrewshire 3-1 (at Rockwell Park, Dundee)

24 Apr Aberdeenshire v Stirlingshire 0-1 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)



8 May Stirlingshire v Forfarshire 4-1 (at Muirton Park, Perth)




First round

11 Mar Lanarkshire v Aberdeenshire 6-0 (at Recreation Park, Wishaw)


Second round

14 Jan Stirlingshire v Renfrewshire 1-0 (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)

1 Jan Perthshire v Forfarshire 3-5 (at Stormont Road, Scone)

2 Apr Fifeshire v Lanarkshire 0-0 (at Stark's Park, Kirkcaldy)

30 Apr Lanarkshire v Fifeshire 2-2 (at Recreation Park, Wishaw)

14 May Lanarkshire v Fifeshire 2-3 (at Fir Park, Motherwell)

14 Jan Dunbartonshire v Welfare 1-2 (at Adamslie Park, Kirkintilloch)



21 May Stirlingshire v Fifeshire 1-4 (at Firs Park, Falkirk)

5 Mar Forfarshire v Welfare 2-1 (at Rockwell Park, Dundee)



28 May Fifeshire v Forfarshire 4-0 (at Central Park, Cowdenbeath)





First round

2 Jan Forfarshire v Welfare 9-0 (at Rockwell Park, Dundee)

17 Feb Lanarkshire v Dunbartonshire 1-4 (at Douglas Park, Hamilton)

7 Jan Perthshire v Stirlingshire 1-11 (at Market Park, Crieff)

3 Jan Aberdeenshire v Renfrewshire 3-1 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)

24 Dec Fifeshire v Glasgow 4-6 (at Recreation Park, Lochgelly)


Second round

21 Jan Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire 2-0 (at Rockwell Park, Dundee)



14 Apr Forfarshire v Stirlingshire 8-1 (at Rockwell Park, Dundee)

24 Mar Glasgow v Dunbartonshire 4-1 (at Firhill Park, Glasgow)



12 May Forfarshire v Glasgow 1-1 aet (at Dens Park, Dundee)

9 Jun Forfarshire v Glasgow 3-2 (at Rockwell Park, Dundee)




First round

23 Feb Lanarkshire v Forfarshire 2-1 (at Fir Park, Motherwell)

1 Jan Perthshire v Glasgow 8-6 (at Stormont Road, Scone)

29 Dec Fifeshire v Scottish Welfare 4-1 (at Kirkcaldy)

26 Jan Aberdeenshire v Dunbartonshire 5-1 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)

1 Dec Stirlingshire v Renfrewshire 3-2 (at Recreation Park, Alloa)


Second round

16 Mar Aberdeenshire v Perthshire 8-2 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)



13 Apr Lanarkshire v Stirlingshire 0-4 (at Fir Park, Motherwell)

11 May Aberdeenshire v Fifeshire 4-2 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)



25 May Aberdeenshire v Stirlingshire 4-1 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)




First round

28 Dec Aberdeenshire v Stirlingshire 3-3 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)

3 Jan Stirlingshire v Aberdeenshire 3-2 (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)


Second round

9 Nov Fifeshire v Forfarshire 3-2 (at Bayview Park, Methil)

15 Mar Renfrewshire v Stirlingshire 2-3 (at Cappielow Park, Greenock)

29 Mar Lanarkshire v Dunbartonshire 0-3 (at Douglas Park, Hamilton)

Glasgow v Scottish Welfare



5 Apr Stirlingshire v Fifeshire 2-3 (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)

27 Sep 1930 Dunbartonshire v Scottish Welfare 3-1 (at Burnbrae Park, Milngavie)



18 Oct 1930 Dunbartonshire v Fifeshire 1-0 (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)




First round

20 Dec Forfarshire v Dunbartonshire 2-1 (at Dens Park, Dundee)


Second round

27 Dec Renfrewshire v Aberdeenshire 0-1 (at Cappielow Park, Greenock)

7 Feb Fifeshire v Stirlingshire 5-4 (at Station Park, Dysart)

6 Dec Lanarkshire v Scottish Welfare 3-0 (at Russell Park, Burnbank)

Moray v Forfarshire scr-wo



28 Mar Aberdeenshire v Fifeshire 0-2 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)

11 Apr Forfarshire v Lanarkshire 5-4 aet (at Dens Park, Dundee)



25 Apr Fifeshire v Forfarshire 3-2 (at Dens Park, Dundee)




First round

27 Sep Aberdeenshire v Dunbartonshire 1-5 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)

28 Nov Forfarshire v Lanarkshire 0-0 (at Glenesk Park, Dundee)

4 Jan Lanarkshire v Forfarshire 2-1 (at Douglas Park, Hamilton)

Scottish Welfare v Stirlingshire scr-wo



9 Jan Renfrewshire v Fifeshire 0-1 abandoned after 35 mins (at Cappielow Park, Greenock)

9 Apr Renfrewshire v Fifeshire 4-1 (at Western Park, Renfrew)

23 Apr Lanarkshire v Stirlingshire 8-2 (at Wishaw)



3 Jan 1933 Lanarkshire v Renfrewshire 0-0

21 Jan 1933 Renfrewshire v Lanarkshire 2-2

       Renfrewshire v Lanarkshire




First round

5 Nov Forfarshire v Renfrewshire 1-5 (at Glenesk Park, Dundee)

3 Dec Stirlingshire v Dunbartonshire 5-2 (at Carronbank Park, Denny)



1 Apr Renfrewshire v Lanarkshire 4-1 (at Cappielow Park, Greenock)

29 Apr Aberdeenshire v Stirlingshire 3-1 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)



6 May Aberdeenshire v Renfrewshire 3-0 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)




First round

18 Nov Stirlingshire v Forfarshire 1-0 (at Glenesk Park, Dundee)



31 Mar Stirlingshire v Renfrewshire 0-2 (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)

5 May Aberdeenshire v Dunbartonshire 4-0 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)



2 Jun Renfrewshire v Aberdeenshire 5-4 (at Cappielow Park, Greenock)




Round robin competition with the top two teams playing off for the championship

27 Oct Stirlingshire v Forfarshire 6-9 (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)

2 Jan Aberdeenshire v Stirlingshire 6-1 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)

6 Apr Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire 3-2 (at Dens Park, Dundee)



27 Apr Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire 4-1 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)




Round robin competition

28 Dec Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire 3-2 (at North End Park, Dundee)

2 Jan Stirlingshire v Forfarshire 5-4 (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)

11 Jan Aberdeenshire v Stirlingshire 2-1 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)

4 Apr Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire 5-2 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)

2 May Forfarshire v Stirlingshire 4-3 (at Dens Park, Dundee)

4 May Stirlingshire v Aberdeenshire 6-3 (at Forthbank, Stirling)


By beating Aberdeenshire in the last game (reported in the press as the Final), Stirlingshire won the Cup.




Round robin competition

17 Apr Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire 3-2 (at Dens Park, Dundee)

1 May Forfarshire v Stirlingshire 6-8 (at Dens Park, Dundee)

3 May Stirlingshire v Aberdeenshire 4-1 (at Forthbank, Stirling)

8 May Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire 4-1 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)

22 May Stirlingshire v Forfarshire 3-3 (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)

29 May Aberdeenshire v Stirlingshire 2-5 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)


By beating Aberdeenshire in the last game Stirlingshire won the Cup





30 Oct Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire 1-1 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)

12 Feb Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire 2-0 (at Dens Park, Dundee)

23 Apr Stirlingshire v Perthshire 2-2 (at Forthbank, Stirling)

13 May Perthshire v Stirlingshire 1-1 (at Market Park, Creiff)

28 May Perthshire v Stirlingshire 3-1 aet (at Tannadice Park, Dundee)



11 Jun Forfarshire v Stirlingshire 3-1 (at Tannandice Park, Dundee)





29 Apr Forfarshire v Stirlingshire 3-1 (at Glenesk Park, Dundee)

6 May Aberdeenshire v Perthshire 4-0 (at Advocates Park, Aberdeen)



3 Jun Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire 4-1 (at Dens Park, Dundee)





1 Jan Aberdeenshire v Stilringshire 4-2 (at Linksfield Stadium, Aberdeen)

25 May Forfarshire v Perthshire 1-1 (at Glenesk Park, Dundee)

30 May Perthshire v Forfarshire 4-3 (at Simpson Park, Perth)



31 Aug 1940 Aberdeenshire v Perthshire 8-2 (at Linksfield Stadium, Aberdeen)




Semi-final - 2 legs

26 Oct Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire 4-3 (at Tannandice Park, Dundee)

1 Jan Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire 10-4 (at Linksfield Stadium, Aberdeen)



Aberdeenshire v Perthshire 

FINAL HELD OVER, however it was not played





First round

15 Dec Glasgow v Forfarshire 6-1 (at Saracen Park, Glasgow)

15 Dec Dunbartonshire v Aberdeenshire 2-1 (at Kilbowie Park, Clydebank)

15 Dec Renfrewshire v Perthshire 3-3 (at Dunterlie Park, Barrhead)

19 Jan Perthshire v Renfrewshire 5-1 (at Muirton Park, Perth)

15 Dec Argyllshire v Fifeshire 2-1 (at Recreation Park, Dunoon)

15 Dec Inverness-shire v Stirlingshire 0-8 (at Grant Street Park, Inverness)

Ayrshire v Moray scr-wo


Second round

29 Jan Stirlingshire v Moray 7-1 (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)

16 Feb Dunbartonshire v Argyllshire 4-0 (at Holm Park, Clydebank)

16 Feb Dumfriesshire v East of Scotland 2-6 (at Eastfield Park, Dumfries)

23 Feb Glasgow v Perthshire 1-0 (at Saracen Park, Glasgow)



12 Apr East of Scotland v Glasgow 4-2 (at Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh)

12 Apr Stirlingshire v Dunbartonshire 1-2 (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)


Final – 2 legs

10 May East of Scotland v Dunbartonshire 1-2 (at Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh)

24 May Dunbartonshire v East of Scotland 4-3 (at Boghead Park, Dumbarton)




First round

6 Dec Fifeshire v Forfarshire 4-3 (at Central Park, Cowdenbeath)

6 Dec Renfrewshire v Argyllshire 5-1 (at Dunterlie Park, Barrhead)

13 Dec Ayrshire v Aberdeenshire 1-1 (at Rugby Park, Kilmarnock)

7 Mar Aberdeenshire v Ayrshire 2-2 (at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen)

18 Apr Aberdeenshire v Ayrshire 4-3 (at Glenesk Park, Dundee)


Second round

21 Feb Dunbartonshire v East of Scotland 2-0 (at Milburn Park, Alexandria)

14 Feb Fifeshire v Perthshire 2-2 (at Stark’s Park, Kirkcaldy)

28 Feb Perthshire v Fifeshire 7-3 (at Davie Park, Blairgowrie)

7 Mar Renfrewshire v Stirlingshire 3-3 (at St Mirren Park, Paisley)

11 Apr Stirlingshire v Renfrewshire (at Duncansfield Park, Kilsyth)

9 May Aberdeenshire v Morayhire 3-2 (at Linksfield Stadium, Aberdeen)



6 Jun Perthshire v Dunbartonshire 1-2 (at Simpson Park, Perth)

23 May Aberdeenshire v Stirlingshire 1-2 (at Linksfield Stadium, Aberdeen)


Final – 2 legs

26 Jun Stirlingshire v Dunbartonshire 3-2 (Duncansfield Park, Kilsyth)

29 June Dunbartonshire v Stirlingshire 3-0 (at Glenhead Park, Duntocher)




First round

27 Feb Aberdeenshire v Fifeshire 4-1 (at Linksfield Stadium, Aberdeen)



8 May Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire 4-2 (at Linksfield Stadium, Aberdeen)

20 Mar Perthshire v Morayshire 3-2 (at Muirton Park, Perth)



15 May Perthshire v Aberdeenshire 3-0 (at Jeanfield Recreation Ground, Perth)





11 Sep Morayshire v Perthshire 2-9 (at Elgin)

6 Nov Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire 3-2 (at Glenesk Park, Dundee)


Final – 2 legs

30 Apr Perthshire v Forfarshire 0-1 (at Davie Park, Blairgowrie)

13 May Forfarshire v Perthshire 5-2 (at Glenesk Park, Dundee)





29 Oct Morayshire v Aberdeenshire 2-7 (at Borough Briggs, Elgin)

22 Oct Perthshire v Forfarshire 0-4 (at Davie Park, Blairgowrie)



By 31 Mar) Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire