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Wemyss Cup

Senior cup competition open to Fife clubs. The trophy was awarded in December 1897 to the Fifeshire FA by RGE Wemyss, the Unionist candidate at the forthcoming General Election. He also gave a similar one for the juniors, although this competition only lasted a single season. It ran by the Wemyss FA, an organizing body set up by the FFA to oversee the competition. During the early years it was seen as one of the more important local competitions, but as the various clubs looked beyond their borders and joined other national and regional groups, it gradually lost its importance. After WWII the Wemyss Cup competition was discontinued and the FFA concentrated on the Fifeshire Cup.

Generally organized as a knockout competition, it was, for a number of seasons (1905-06 and 1907-1913), ran on league lines (the Wemyss League).

Results and tables can be found HERE.


1897-98 Raith Rovers
1898-99 Cowdenbeath and Dunfermline Athletic (shared)
1899-00 Cowdenbeath
1900-01 Raith Rovers
1901-02 Lochgelly United
1902-03 Lochgelly United
1903-04 Raith Rovers
1904-05 Raith Rovers
1905-06 Raith Rovers
1906-07 Hearts of Beath
1907-08 Lochgelly United
1908-09 Dunfermline Athletic
1909-10 Dunfermline Athletic
1910-11 Cowdenbeath
1911-12 East Fife
1912-13 East Fife
1913-14 Cowdenbeath
1914-15 Raith Rovers
1915-16 Cowdenbeath
1916-17 Cowdenbeath
1917-18 East Fife
1918-19   no competition

1919-20 Cowdenbeath

1920-21 Raith Rovers

1921-22 Lochgelly United

1922-23 Cowdenbeath

1923-24 Lochgelly United

1924-25 Cowdenbeath

1925-26 Cowdenbeath

1926-27 Cowdenbeath

1927-28 Dunfermline Athletic

1928-29 Cowdenbeath

1929-30 Dunfermline Athletic

1930-31 Cowdenbeath

1931-32 Cowdenbeath

1932-33 Dunfermline Athletic

1933-34 Dunfermline Athletic

1934-35 East Fife

1935-36 East Fife

1936-37 East Fife

1937-38 Raith Rovers and Cowdenbeath (shared)

1938-39 Raith Rovers